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My last trip was truly terrible. After a truly hellish two day stay in Maine we made it to Kansas City and were supposed to jump on a Delta flight to New York. Except they canceled it. So we got tickets for an American Airlines flight. Except they had a mechanical problem and had to wait for a part. So we got tickets for a Continental flight. Except they got a three hour ATC delay.

All told we got back to NYC at 10pm. We were supposed to get back at 3pm if there hadn't been so many problems. I ended up staying up over 24 hours and by the end of that day had a bit of a tickle in my throat. It's since bloomed into a full blown cold.

This is the second time I've been sick this year. IT'S NOT FAIR. I usually get sick once a year, not twice in a barely three month period. Then again, almost everyone I know is sick, so my chances of staying healthy were slim to begin with.

Hopefully I can medicate this thing to hell and back and be feeling better by the time I get to Maui. THAT'S RIGHT: two layovers in Maui. So of course I have to be sick because I'm not allowed nice things.

Right now I'm stuck in Canada where everyone has been extremely polite. It's like there's a stereotype or something! Even the customs and immigrations people were nice. That just... DOES NOT HAPPEN. I've never met friendly customs and immigrations people. One of them even apologized for the weather. Oh Canada, WHY SO NICE?

I got pulled out to go through a further customs and immigration check where they apparently access your records to see if you've got any dirty laundry. So of course I'm standing there thinking 'my records are clean but there's probably a big fat note that says LIBERTARIAN TEXAS NUTJOB and I'll never be let in the country' Thankfully they never did figure that part out and it was out into the OMGCOLDWTF.


The upside of being sick is that I've been laying around on whatever surface I can find: couch, airplane seats, bed... listening to Big Finish Audios. My Tenth Doctor rewatch kind of got derailed right before Human Nature simply because I listened to one of the Paul McGann audios with Sheridan Smith and have been mainlining them like crazy ever since. The Eighth Doctor is AMAZING. Well, he is if you ignore the movie. The audios really do more justice to him than the movie even attempted. Plus, Paul McGann can croon into my ear any day *is not shallow at all*
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