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So... That show I love aired tonight.

I took time off work (what a saga that's been. They've called me twice - today and yesterday trying to get me to work and both time's I've not picked up. I'm out of town and on my off days. LEAVE ME ALONE. Plus, Boston with [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat.)

Boston, [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat and the Doctor Who premiere. I'VE HAD A REALLY GOOD WEEKEND - We've sat on her couch and engaged in the fangirl flappy hands dance many times (We've also watched The Romans and The Time Warrior so it's been a Who-ish kind of weekend)

I was completely unspoiled for this episode. To the point that I even left the room when a clip showed up on Craig Ferguson's interview with Karen Gillan.

1. Lets just say I was not expecting it to start how it did. What with that painting. THAT PAINTING WHAT IN THE WORLD? For a moment I was wondering if this was Doctor Who or some sort of satire of Doctor Who, but nope. THEY PUT THAT IN THE SHOW. It's terrible and awful and HE IS NAKED AND UNDER HER SKIRT. Abyone that says Eleven doesn't understand women... or isn't attracted to women. LIES. ALL LIES. You don't bang the Virgin Queen (hurr durr, not a Virgin anymore), get engaged to Marilyn Monroe and hide under a woman's skirt after letting her paint a naked picture of you without knowing how to woo the ladies. Eleven is more of a playboy than people give him credit for (even if Elizabeth I was ALL Ten).

2. Amy and Rory had a FANTASTIC apartment. I'd like to move in there and make it my own (kudos to the set dressers) Mostly though, I want to know why Rory and Amy have an apartment and are not on the TARDIS. Last we saw them they were dressed rather oddly and still traveling with the Doctor. HOW DID THIS COME TO BE? BACKGROUND PLEASE! Also, there is a roman action figure thing on their bookshelf. WHERE IS MY ROMAN RORY ACTION FIGURE???

3. Why does River bother to stay in jail when she constantly breaks out. It's like a joke... they all KNOW she can break out whenever she wants and yet she stays there. I would like some backstory. GET ON THAT MOFF.

4. The school bus bit made no sense at first. I saw it and immediately wanted to know how two strangers managed to convince a school bus driver to drop them off in the middle of nowhere. Of course, this is Utah and they might not have the whole OMG STRANGER DANGER thing I've come down with living in NYC for the past few years. And then we watched the confidential and I learned not to over think these things. Of course they're just going for all the American icons they possible can.

5. I love that River hates his hats.

6. BRB LOLING FOREVER. The internet said Matt Smith's head looks like an Easter Island statue. Hell, I've said the same thing. BECAUSE IT DOES. THIS SHOW HAS BECOME SELF AWARE. Or else, Moff spends WAAAAY too much time surfing the intarwebs.

"they worshiped you there. Have you seen the statues?" LOL LOL LOL.


8. I'm still convinced the Doctor is a big fat liar about his age. He's WAY older than just 900/1000 and Ten (and Nine) spent more than just a few years tooling around the Universe. Hell, the Seventh Doctor said he was 900 when he ran into the Rani. Liaaaaaaaaar. The Doctor uses his age as a convenient tool to get what he wants. Most likely he's forgotten how old he is and is just stuck on a number her updates randomly (or doesn't want to update when he wants to feel young).

9. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON (please don’t spoil me though). I was very very very unspoiled (intend to remain that way) so Surprise!Regeneration then Surprise!Death had me on the couch losing my freaking mind. I love how Moff turned the tables in this episode. RTD changes the canon so the Doctor has unlimited regenerations! Of course Moff is going to kill him!

10. jigglykat's Roommate: It figures that the Doctor would come to America and get shot. B WINS AT LIFE.

The Brits are REALLY having fun with the whole Americans love guns thing. I promise that if people come visit us, they will (probably) not get shot. Granted, when River was shooting her revolver, I kept counting her shots. I spend WAY too much time around weapons (it’s my JOB. I can’t help it).

11. Amy is kind of thick.

12. I love that Rory imitates the poke that the Doctor gave him when he encountered plastic!Rory for the first time.

13. I have a theory about the TARDIS. It's been driving me NUTS that River knows more about the TARDIS than the Doctor. I think that the TARDIS of Nine and Ten was one that wasn't capable of cloaking and silence and the other things. Quite possibly, she wasn’t able to do that with Doctor’s One through Eight. Maybe she was tricked out a bit when the Doctor served in the Time War. ANYWAYS, my theory is that she was too damaged from the Time War to do those things. It took all the remodeling and healing she did in the Eleventh Hour and I think that's when she finally healed enough to be able to do it. Which is why Eleven was initially so unfamiliar and River wasn't. I THINK WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS SHOW.

14. I love that they hired a Brit to play an American and that he can actually pull off the accent for once. Oh, and it's Mark Sheppard. WIN WIN WIN. HE CAN CHECK ANOTHER SHOW OFF HIS "SHOWS I'VE BEEN IN" BOX. Also, BIG LOVE FOR MARK SHEPPARD’S DAD. I HAD NO IDEA. THAT MAN HAS A GREAT AMERICAN ACCENT. I didn't even realize the actor was British (or Mark Sheppard’s dad until I watched the Confidential).

15. "You're my second choice for president." Oh Snap. I like you dude.

16. The Doctor keeps messing with the TARDIS and River keeps fixing it and HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING ALL ALONG. I love it when the Doctor strings River along. It's a nice change of pace.

17. "Lets take it slow" And then he walks into the Oval Office. LOL. Doctor, I'd hate to see what happens when you take it fast. Fantastic scene though - the Doctor lurking in the background taking notes. REALLY well done. I love his “carry on” gesture. He’s just so used to being in charge.

I may have freaked out when the TARDIS finally appeared in the oval office. I LOVE THIS SHOW YOU GUYS.

18. Mrs Robbinson. HEE.

19. Canton and the Doctor are having a bromance in the oval office - I love it so much I am amused. HE IS MAKING BEDROOM EYES AT THE DOCTOR.

20. Swat team, maps, coffee, twelve jammie dodger and a fez. THERE ARE PRIORITIES IN LIFE.

21. I approve of the use of NASA iconography. I have a beef though (SURPRISE!) The spacemen DO NOT live in Florida. They live in Houston *hometown love YO* The shuttle and the spaceships live in Florida. If you want space people you go to Texas.

22. Star Trek shout out! I love that she thinks it's a mask. I'd probably think the same thing - aliens in the bathroom, it really wouldn't occur to jump to that conclusion.

23. This new monster is really great. I doubt it will reach the iconic levels Moff's previous creations reached. I doubt it will come close to challenging the Daleks or Cybermen, but hey. I could be wrong. I like that people forget as soon as they take their eyes off it. That is quite frightening to think you saw a monster and won’t remember it. In that moment you remember, the fear must be paralyzing.

24. I love it when people in the past encounter modern technology - and not just the TARDIS which is mind blowing in any time frame - but a cell phone. Something we take for granted has to be amazing just forty years ago and I like that there was that little shout out. It makes the time travel aspect of the show so much more fun. To think, that the age we’re living in now, is one people theorized about so long ago.

25. Rory getting to explain the TARDIS to Canton is great. Canton’s brain is barely clicking along and poor Rory gets to shove all this information into it. "How long has Scotland Yard had this". OH AMERICA. We are always jealous of people who have nicer toys than we do (be careful if you do have nicer toys, we like to invade and take them. GOT TO HAVE YOUR HOBBIES!).

26. Two of the founding father's fancied the Doctor. OF COURSE THEY DID. Also, I DEMAND NAMES! (Jefferson definitely. He's a man who liked smarts... He also spent A LOT of time with the French.)

27. "Don't worry, I'm quite the screamer." OH RIVER.


29. Both River and Amy have been clutching their stomachs and saying they aren't feeling well. What with Amy being pregnant (oh lord, again?) I'm betting it's an alien thing. Personally, I want to know why Moff keeps writing Amy as being knocked up.

30. LET ME TALK ABOUT RIVER FOR A BIT (Because this review isn’t long enough). I am not a River fan. I do not dislike her, but I’ve never been huge on her. Mainly, because I don’t like any character that comes in and is smarter than the Doctor. I don’t trust her. BUT, I really like that they acknowledged a lot of my issues with her in this episode. I like that they switched gears for a bit when she was in the tunnels with Rory and we finally got a peek into her psyche and how she views the Doctor. We still don’t know who she is, but we at least got a bit of her and a look into how she feels about the Doctor which makes her much more interesting and endearing to me. I like that River dreads meeting a Doctor who doesn't recognize her. Especially since we’ve already seen it, we know how her story ends, and yet getting this look into her head makes it more poignant and sad. (In the interests of disclosure, I still haven’t seen Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. I’ve seen every single episode of Classic Who and yet I’ve not seen every single episode of New Who. I don’t even know how to adequately explain this without sounding CRAZY).

31. THAT SET, IT'S THAT THING FROM THE LODGER YOU GUYS. Quick Doctor, recruit a cat as a spy - you know they would see and remember the creepy guys.

I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK. I’m mourning the fact that I can’t watch every DW episode this year with [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat

I'm sorry this was so long. I didn't intend it to be BUT IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE HAD NEW WHO TO WRAP MY BRAIN AROUND.

I've decided not to even theorize about what's coming next. I want to KNOW, but trying to puzzle it out usually just leads me the wrong way. I'm just going to enjoy (and curse Moffat).

Date: 2011-04-24 03:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sadcypress.livejournal.com
I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY. I mean, that's not a HELPFUL comment in the way that it sparks a DIALOGUE, but I FEEL IT IN MY SOUL.

Date: 2011-04-25 04:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gina-r-snape.livejournal.com
Oh what the heck, I'm just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat's LJ since YOU CLEARLY WROTE YOUR ENTRIES TOGETHER.

And now you know why I was all text-happy last week and bursting at the seams.

It was sooooo good, it has totally blown away all the things I disliked about the last series.

Also? I love the theory going round that Amy's baby is River Song. But what I really want is for Rory to be part auton still and for the baby to come out all alien-style, shooting its way out of the womb with guns for hands.

I have not watched the Elisabeth Sladen tribute yet. I know I will cry when I do.



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