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My Canon Rebel XTI finally crapped out on me. I went to the Bronx Zoo a few days ago and took over a thousand photos. I'm going to be lucky if even 25% of them are worth keeping. It's been coming on for awhile... photos have been getting grainier and grainer and blur has started creeping in. I've been taking pictures with a DSLR for almost five years now. I know how to take a picture and when you compare the settings I took the picture at to the picture itself... something was definitely wrong.

Wrong to the point that looking at my photos was an extremely depressing experience that made me question my ability as a photographer.

The thought of going to London next month with a camera that MIGHT take a good picture was a bit of a let down as well. This all culminated in Kingston, Jamaica as I frantically skyped with my mother and [livejournal.com profile] raelala and pretty much unburdened myself on them (I apparently had repressed camera woes).

My mom, being the amazing wonderful person she is, agreed to loan me the money to buy a new camera (and by loan, I have to pay her back. Ah adulthood...)


I've not actually taken any pictures with it yet... the battery is charging but it's amazing and wonderful and beautiful!

Since I don't have any photos from the new camera to bombard you with... I'm posting some of the last photos I took with the Rebel (barring the Bronx Zoo photos because I'm having some ISSUES with those)

I have no excuse for this picspam really. They're just photos of my room at my parent's place in Texas because I cleaned it and OMG I MUST COMMEMORATE IT'S CLEANLINESS WITH PHOTOS.

Welcome to my Fortress of Solitude...

The view from the door.

My cat is doing her impersonation of a throw pillow. She LIVES on my bed when I'm home and is currently engaged in a committed and loving relationship with the puppet tarantula on the end of the bed... to the point that I have to take it away from her when things get unseemly.

I say this is my room. It's really not. It's my cats room and everything in it is there for her comfort. Including the afghan that my grandmother made me (she's laying on it in the photo). She just lets me think it's mine when really it's hers.

Also... the bed. That is not my bed. It belonged to my Great Grandfather and I'm only using it because it was already in the room when I moved back in. My bed is currently in storage and belonged to my great grandmother. In fact, most of my furniture is in storage and is about three times my age.

My desk.

Better picture of all the crap I've managed to pile onto my desk. Believe it or not, for all the alcohol I have up there, I really don't drink.

That thing is usually closed, but the picture is more interesting if it's open. GOTTA SHOW OFF MY DOCTOR WHO STUFFS! (and the My Little Ponies...)

Yes, I also have a calendar filled with pictures of my CAT. DON'T JUDGE ME!

I've been to lots of places. *g*

I JUST started collecting the Starbucks city mugs so I'm a bit behind. I'm currently in the process of bribing any Delta flight attendant I know with trips to Istanbul to buy me one from there as I passed on getting it when I visited... because I was in my 'corporate places are BAD' phase.

If you couldn't tell... I like Doctor Who.

When I bring new action figures home my mom won't let me open them in front of my dad because he thinks it's idiotic. This is a man who has a toy helicopter he flies around the house on a regular basis. HYPOCRISY I SAY!

Closeup on the goodies.

Because I can't neglect the Doctor's boyfriend...

And the stuff on the top... basically just more crap I've dragged back from all over the world.. and a picture of my little brother. Thankfully he's out of the military, getting an engineering degree and engaged to a lovely girl but I do enjoy that photo. Such a BIG TOUGH MAN *snort*

The photo is also wearing a Soviet Aviators Skull Cap I picked up in Kyrgyzstan. AS YOU DO.

Probably WAY too many pictures of my room in Texas. When I'm home I barely come out of there. I'm so used to being around people CONSTANTLY... at the crashpad, on the plane, at the hotel that this would be the equivalent of my Fortress of Solitude.

It's still weird to live with my parents again. I moved out of that house when I was 19 and didn't move back in until I was 27. And when I say 'move back in' I mean that very loosely as I'm usually only there about every two to three months for about a week. Everything else I own that's not in this room is in storage... It's how I pay my rent to my parents... I let them use my storage unit. I also bring them alcohol and candy from all over the world... as one does.

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