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Two and a half years later I have FINALLY uploaded all of my photos from The Netherlands. I feel I didn't do the country justice and would desperately love to go back and reshoot. Granted, I feel this way about many of the places I visit.

Still. I'm happy these photos are done and no longer being neglected on my harddrive.
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I took just as many photos in 2010 as I have in years previous. Every month I had a camera in hand and was shooting away. I wasn't nearly as proficient at editing and uploading my photos so this post is by no means a concise list. A few months aren't even represented because they're still sitting on my harddrive waiting for me to go through them.

Still, 2010 was a good year even though I felt like I didn't go as many places as I would have liked. In fact, I think I spent more time taking photos in the United States than I did overseas.

This post is extremely image heavy. Consider yourselves warned

2010: A Year In Photos )
I've just finished my rewatch of the Ninth Doctor episodes! And so my marathon continues...

Cut for some varied ramblings about the Ninth Doctor and Classic Who )

I don't normally go for infomercials, but I would totally order one of these!

So that Christmas Special thing for that show I love... )

In other news, my brother's girlfriend made me a fleecy throw blanket covered with robots for Christmas. HE NEEDS TO MARRY HER BECAUSE I TOTALLY APPROVE.
I've just finished watching all of the Seventh Doctor episodes.


I added it up and it comes out to 701 individual parts for a total of 155 episodes (if you consider Trial of a Time Lord to be one episode)

I'm not counting the TV movie as part of the Classic Series for what I believe to be obvious reasons. Although it is next in the marathon.

Spoilers for some 80's show I happen to love )
Christmas Lights

I wanted to write tonight but after working every day since the 1st (I'm not counting layovers as 'being off') I'm too exhausted to think.

Pictures will just have to speak for me.
It's been awhile, but I've got big news.

I have finished every single Fourth Doctor episode.

I think I need to repeat that: I WATCHED ALL THE FOURTH DOCTOR EPISODES.

I feel a bit exhausted now. :)

I never thought this day would come. )
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The Lake

I wandered about New York City the other day with [ profile] raelala and since I like how the pictures came out...

New York Autumn prettiness under the cut )
I was hugged by Russell Brand tonight.

I don't think I caught anything but I might go bath in Lysol just in case.

I think I made out better then [ profile] gina_r_snape's hat. We're pretty sure he gave that hat Herpes when he hugged her. He was much enamored of her headgear and I do believe there was fondling going on. Not of the lovely [ profile] gina_r_snape, with her there was only awkward moments, but the hat... there was a love connection going on.

All in all it was a surprising night. I went to his book signing on a whim and wasn't prepared to like him as much as I did. He's engaging and intelligent and I've never paid him enough attention to realize this.

Although I think a general warning should go out for the NYC area: He hugged everyone there. Who knows who ended up with what... Beware!
So the Beeb had a bit of an announcement the other day about Doctor Who...

This being Doctor Who fandom... everyone has an opinion

Look at me, having fandom related opinions. The HORROR! Also, Spoilers... )
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I haven't done a picspam of my own photos in... awhile. These photos are from 2008. It's taken my THAT LONG to get them edited. They're photos of abandoned farms and cow sheds from the town I live in in Texas. The area used to be a lot more rural then it is now, sadly the suburbs have made it out that way and so much of this will soon be turned into cookie cutter housing.

Rural Texas Exploration Photos )
Apparently I lied last week when I said I was going to stick it out with Supernatural.

I can't. I'm throwing in the towel. Last season ended exactly as I wanted it to: Sam in hell with Lucifer (I'm putting on blinders to the last scene. In my little world it didn't happen) and Dean off living a fantastic and normal life.

In my little world I'm going to pretend that parties were thrown celebrating Sam's death and that Dean is ridiculously happy. I don't need to watch Season 6 of SPN. As far as I'm concerned it's over. I didn't even bother watching last nights episode and I found last weeks episode to be EXTREMELY disappointing.

Plus, it's obvious that this show hasn't made me happy for awhile now. I still adore some of the characters (I'm looking at you Castiel and Bobby) but there are certain other characters *cough*Sam*cough* that I find ENRAGING. I've always been a proponent of 'If you don't like it, don't watch' so I'm going to follow my own advice. It's not like I've been super into the show anyways, what with my brain getting eaten by Doctor Who.

Still, it's time. Farewell SPN, it was fun while it lasted!
Elle: Bathtime

Last time I was home I took my life in my hands and gave the cat a bath.

Can you feel her rage?

All I really ask out of a hotel is free, working Internet.

It's why I'm such a fan of hotels like the Holiday Inn and tend to groan when I'm in a Hilton or something along those lines. It's a sad fact that the more expensive the hotel, the more you pay for internet, whereas any cheapo hotel off the interstate will offer it for free. Off brand hotels are also notoriously dodgy when it comes to internet. They may have it and it may be free buy that doesn't mean it works.

And that's where I find myself. In an off brand hotel with absolutely no Internet connection. This place has six different wireless signals to choose from and not a single one works! It's not even that the signal is weak, my computer just keeps telling me "Alert: No Internet Connection" which I've encountered a few times before and pretty much always means the problem is not on my end. I even tried an Ethernet cord. It connected briefly for about a minute and then gave up the ghost just like the wireless (what's up with hotels only handing out super short cords that can barely reach the desk?)

Although I am a bit nervous about it as my coworkers were able to connect, but they're on PC's and I have a beautiful, wonderful Mac (I am not a Mac snob AT ALL!)

At this point, we check out of the hotel in 12 hours and the people at the front desk are getting to know me. On the upside, I've been catching up on Classic Doctor Who so there is that (Leela is awesome yo!) and I at least have an iPhone...


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Stargate SG1

Just a random photo from DragonCon... I think this pretty much sums up how that panel went.

Chris Judge... is AMAZING. (So is Ben Browder, but I've known that about him for awhile)

The safety briefings on my flights would be ten times more bearable if only my company had a fraction of the creativity that Air New Zealand seems to have...
Flight Attendant Fads

Throwing out another Flight Attendant related photo... This one of a magazine spread from sometime in the 50s I believe. The Smithsonian is just stuffed to the gills with interesting and absolutely horrifying things such as this.

A Japanese in every Jet as a new stewardess fad?


They've really managed to boil down women into something more akin to trading cards. Coming soon! Collect every one!

The mindset behind these kinds of fads is one I'm happy to have left in the past. I know it still lurks in modern day society and I look forward to the day when it really is in the past in a permanent kind of way.
I'm blaming my lack of posting on general exhaustion. Not much of an excuse... but it's my excuse :)

Anyhoo, I visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in April and took in the exhibit they had on Flight Attendants... oh wait. Stewardesses.

I'm so glad the requirements have changed since the "Golden Age of flight"

Girls Wanted

5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet, 6 inches
21 to 26 years old
135 pounds maximum
Attractive,"Just below Hollywood standards"
Height and weight in proportion,
Single women only, not married, divorced or widowed
Plenty of personality and poise
Registered nurse or two years of college
I've been a fan of Dave McKean's artwork for YEARS now. In fact, I discovered him before I even knew who Neil Gaiman was. Which is apparently not the way most people go about being introduced to his work.

Anyhow, I tracked him down at Comic Con and got him to sign two books. And when I say tracked him down, I mean that his wife is an absolute sweetheart and was so extremely helpful when he accidentally slept through his signing at the Dark Horse booth and everyone was confused as to what was happening.

Fast forward to me getting back to Houston and gleefully showing my mother the books of his that I'd picked up.

Her response: Oh, it's demonic!

After I picked my jaw up off the ground I rushed to inform her that there's a big difference between dark and demonic and that in fact Dave McKean was well known for collaborating on children's books and I even pulled out my copy of 'The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish' to illustrate my point.

She flipped through it and found the one picture where a little boy was drawn with his fingers behind his head. It you squint it maybe kinda sorta looks like horns.

Of which she took to mean Dave McKean draws demonic art.

What. The. Fuck?

There seems to be no convincing her. My mother: who is normally a rational, educated, intelligent human being is convinced one of my favorite artists is really drawing demons.

I don't even know where to begin!



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