I dreamed last night that I was commercialing on planes to various destinations and that David Tennant was sitting across the aisle from me every time. We would nod to each other and say "oh isn't this a coincidence" and go back to what we were doing - he was reading a newspaper and I was dithering over whether going back to reading my Doctor Who book would out me as a giant massive geek.

The thing I couldn't figure out is: why was he flying in Coach?

The one time I have a celebrity I flail over appear in my dreams and it involved planes and that whole uncomfortable 'I will acknowledge you because you are in my personal space and I have no choice' thing.

In other news, I get to venture out shopping with my grandparents with a face that is BRIGHT RED. The Dermatologist promised this cream would be milder. It's not. Today is very much going to be a makeup day.
I had really odd dreams last night involving life in the arctic circle with a really weird hairless dog that a seal kept trying to eat. To prevent the really weird hairless dog from getting eaten I kept having to roll it in mud and wrap it in animal hide since apparently the seal didn't like that. Apparently I was in the arctic on a quest for the perfect Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich. Because we all know that if you really want a truly awesome Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich you must trek through the wilds of the Arctic to find it.

The second part of the dream involved going back to Texas (never mind that I don't live in Texas anymore) on a plane and somehow I was sitting next to Ben Affleck who kept going on and on about this really artsy porn movie he was directing while I got to sit next to him and play solitaire - that is, until the plane started to crash and everyone on it had to put on life preservers (even though we weren't over water and it would do us no good, but in my dream everyone was saved because we all had life preservers on). As soon as we were safely on the ground Ben Affleck asked for 'Eternal Amnesty'. And that was that.

At least in this dream I didn't turn into a squid or a spider. So, hey, that's a plus.

Also, The Doctor Who fandom is really making my week more enjoyable then it should be (since, alas, I am still jobless). All the wonderful wank and hair pulling. People in the throes of Fandom Angst amuse me. Especially since they all seem to have forgotten that this is the 4th episode of 13 and that there are things like Character Development and Plot and Story Arcs and who knows what could happen in the next 9 episodes? But that doesn't matter does it?

It really is wonderful.
I dreamed last night that I begged Olive Garden for my job back. There were a few things involving K-Mart and time travel but I'm not too sure on the specifics.

I'm just hoping that with this whole job thing that I won't end up waiting tables again, that would probably result in the unfortunate murder of some hapless diner who dared ask if they could have more cheese on their pasta.

No bueno



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