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I am slowly but surely talking myself into leaving my job. I have to FIND another job first but at least I'm putting together a resume.

I may be getting sick again... which is just another mark against my current job. It runs me down too much. I am constantly exhausted from flying and would love to live in a world where jetlag is a distant memory. If I really am getting sick, this is the THIRD time this year when I normally only come down with a mild cold about once a year. Ugh.

There are upsides to my current job... not many, but a few.

Such as my last flight... the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on was a passenger on that flight. Every time he walked through the galley he left swooning flight attendants, both male and female, in his wake. Even one of our pilots, who as far as I know is very straight, as he was walking to the back of the plane did a double take over this man's beauty.

He was also a Marine. OF COURSE HE WAS. They are always the prettiest.

I don't know what it is about the Marine Corp but they always have the best looking troops. (If you want good looking military guys Recon Marines and Army Special Forces are the best places to look. Also... the French military. Good God it's like the French have a hotness quota they need to fill.)

On a more shallow note... does anyone know why there are no Rory action figures? I've been hoping they'd come out with one since there are a gazillion Amys and Elevens but there seems to be no Rory on the horizon... My Doctor Who action figure collection is bereft without him.

You'd think they'd get on that... Hell, you can buy a goo pod filled with DISMEMBERED BITS OF THE DOCTOR, but no Rory.

Secondly... Who comes up with these ideas? Collect dismembered bits of the Doctor? WHAT?
My Canon Rebel XTI finally crapped out on me. I went to the Bronx Zoo a few days ago and took over a thousand photos. I'm going to be lucky if even 25% of them are worth keeping. It's been coming on for awhile... photos have been getting grainier and grainer and blur has started creeping in. I've been taking pictures with a DSLR for almost five years now. I know how to take a picture and when you compare the settings I took the picture at to the picture itself... something was definitely wrong.

Wrong to the point that looking at my photos was an extremely depressing experience that made me question my ability as a photographer.

The thought of going to London next month with a camera that MIGHT take a good picture was a bit of a let down as well. This all culminated in Kingston, Jamaica as I frantically skyped with my mother and [livejournal.com profile] raelala and pretty much unburdened myself on them (I apparently had repressed camera woes).

My mom, being the amazing wonderful person she is, agreed to loan me the money to buy a new camera (and by loan, I have to pay her back. Ah adulthood...)


I've not actually taken any pictures with it yet... the battery is charging but it's amazing and wonderful and beautiful!

Since I don't have any photos from the new camera to bombard you with... I'm posting some of the last photos I took with the Rebel (barring the Bronx Zoo photos because I'm having some ISSUES with those)

I have no excuse for this picspam really. They're just photos of my room at my parent's place in Texas because I cleaned it and OMG I MUST COMMEMORATE IT'S CLEANLINESS WITH PHOTOS.

Plus... I find it fascinating to see where people live. I can't be the only one )
I've been a fan of Dave McKean's artwork for YEARS now. In fact, I discovered him before I even knew who Neil Gaiman was. Which is apparently not the way most people go about being introduced to his work.

Anyhow, I tracked him down at Comic Con and got him to sign two books. And when I say tracked him down, I mean that his wife is an absolute sweetheart and was so extremely helpful when he accidentally slept through his signing at the Dark Horse booth and everyone was confused as to what was happening.

Fast forward to me getting back to Houston and gleefully showing my mother the books of his that I'd picked up.

Her response: Oh, it's demonic!

After I picked my jaw up off the ground I rushed to inform her that there's a big difference between dark and demonic and that in fact Dave McKean was well known for collaborating on children's books and I even pulled out my copy of 'The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish' to illustrate my point.

She flipped through it and found the one picture where a little boy was drawn with his fingers behind his head. It you squint it maybe kinda sorta looks like horns.

Of which she took to mean Dave McKean draws demonic art.

What. The. Fuck?

There seems to be no convincing her. My mother: who is normally a rational, educated, intelligent human being is convinced one of my favorite artists is really drawing demons.

I don't even know where to begin!
I've just started to realize that I'm more afraid of driving then I am of flying.

Every time I drive or I drive with someone I'm constantly thinking about the potential crashes and disasters that await. For example, My mom drove up to Dallas to pick me up and bring me back down to Houston. My brother went with her and I kept thinking that we'd just end up crashing and my dad would never be able to manage without us. Morbid I know!

And yet I'm not even phased by being on a plane. I've even slept through some takeoffs and landings.

I feel like I am DOING THIS WRONG.
Guess what I did today?

I moved!

I decided yesterday that it was time to find a new place to stay. I found and moved into the new place today.

I hadn't been planning on it but spent most of yesterday furious at my Landlord and decided it just wasn't worth being that angry all the time. Granted, my roommates were wearing on me as well - they were around too much and spending way too much time getting drunk. One of the pilots, reeking of alcohol, tried to climb on my bed last night. With me in it.

And my Landlord wonders why I'm so upset over his decision to put men in my room. Granted, said Drunk Pilot wasn't staying in my room. He just thought it would be a good idea to harass me. Yay me.

It's not that I don't like the guys, it's just that my general policy is that I don't want to sleep in the same room with you unless I'm dating you, married to you or related to you.

And pilots are a special brand of skeevy.

As is my Landlord. Or should I say ex-Landlord? He once came into my room to talk to me while I was the only one in the room: shutting the door behind him, not turning on the lights and sitting down on the bed across from me in order to chit chat. I'm not the only woman he's done that too, or so sayeth the female roommates.

In fact, the new landlord knows my old landlord. I wasn't due to move into the new place until the beginning of April but since I was "in such an awful situation" I could move in now if I wanted since he wouldn't be able to sell the bed for the rest of the month anyways.


Free from the Skeevy Landlord, Free from the drunken roommates and free from the cheating pilot (who tried to lecture everyone on their bad behavior today even though he's instigated most of it)

The new place is amazing. It's an actual house: full living room, dining room, kitchen, washer, dryer and I'm in a room that is all girls and will stay all girls. I may be on the top bunk for a bit but I've been assured a bottom bunk will be opening up at some point in the near future. (Sometimes I feel like I'm in summer camp)
I'm back in NYC, already getting annoyed at certain roommates who think throwing a party is a good idea. I think they are misunderstanding the purpose of a crashpad: a place to rest for flights. It's not a place to party.

Anyhow, since the idea of crashpads is pretty foreign to those not in the aviation industry I've taken a few photos for reference. *g*

Plus, I really like seeing how other people live so I thought I'd return the favor.

It's worse then the dorms... )
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Surprise winner of Obama stimulus spending: gun industry

I can attest to this first hand. After the election was finally over my dad celebrated Obama's victory by buying himself a new handgun and expanding his garden (Just in case).

I was with him at Academy Sports and a few Pawn Shops in February and I have never seen the gun counters so busy in my life. It was two people deep at the Pawn Shop and getting that way at Academy. I just hung out with the jewelry counter girls in the pawn shop and gawked at all the very serious, serious men drooling over weapons. There were constant PA's at Academy for so and so to come to the gun counter to assist. The rest of the place: empty.

Before the election guns were a fun little thing my Dad and I did as one of our few mutual interests. We'd take the Craig 30/40 and the AK-47 to the rifle range, fire off a few shots and have a good afternoon (I can't hit jack shit with the Craig 30/40, that thing kicks like an angry mule. And to think, that's the gun my grandfather fought with in WWI.)

After the election the gun frenzy has ratcheted up to a whole new level of WTF. I'm not sure how many weapons he has now, as every time I come home he's drooling over a new one. My father isn't crazy, he's just of the belief that he needs to have these now because who knows if they'll be available later. Which is pretty much the ethos of most of the men (and women) purchasing these weapons. They will not use them on anyone no matter how much they disagree, but they believe whole heartedly in the Second Amendment. In Texas, guns are serious bizness.

My Father Ladies and Gents. God Bless Him.

Plus, he lets me shoot them and it's fun. BANG BANG BANG.

I also save MRE's for him if the soldiers leave them behind on the planes. I brought him 2 once and he grumbled that 200 would be a more appropriate number. Sometimes, I don't even know what to do with this man.

ETA: I don't mean to imply that Obama will take away guns or overturn the 2nd Amendment. All I'm saying is that my dad is paranoid.
The Bay

I just uploaded some Guam photos from... January of last year. I'm still trying to work my way through the backlog.

All the photos can be found here

In other news I arrived home today only to find out that my Grandparents are visiting. Honestly, I wish my parents had WARNED me because I would have shown up in full riot gear or at the very least worn a bucket over my head. We pulled up and there they were. My lucky day.

My grandmother wasted no time with the nitpicking and my grandfather doesn't quite get the concept of closing the door when in the restroom (Why yes, I may be just a little traumatized...)

I love them but can somebody just shoot me now?

Until further notice I am declaring my room a bunker and am taking shelter with the cat.
I've been really quite lately on the livejournal front. Its not from me just being apathetic towards posting. It's mainly because there's quite a bit going on in my life that has to do with my future.

As in I may kinda sorta maybe possibly be joining the military.

Had the initial talk today, things look good but if all goes according to plan (as tentative a plan as I have) I won't be joining till next year. But... still, it's just all kinda hitting me now.

Yikes. *g* This should be an interesting ride.
Oh bless you sweet sweet internet.

It's been awhile.

My company has started putting us up in hotels that require obscene amounts of money for internet access. This being the new hotels we're staying in in Germany - the reviews have been overwhelmingly negative. So really I've only had internet off and on for the past 2 weeks - it was very sporadic and there was usually someone hovering over my shoulder willing me to get off the computer to they could do their thing.

Much fun was had by all. Seriously.

And where was my computer in all this?

Broken. That's where. I inadvertently gate checked my computer and I've done it before and it's never been an issue but the baggage handlers in Maine were... aggressive.

They cracked the screen.

And I have a limited warranty. So fun times, I got to buy a BRAND NEW COMPUTER today. To replace the BRAND NEW COMPUTER I purchased in December.

Fortunately my Dad is paying for half the computer further cementing his position as BEST DAD EVER.

Now, I must toddle off and make a phone call that could be determining my future for the next 4 years or more. *crosses fingers*
So there we were, plane all loaded up, ready to taxi onto the runway and leave the island of Trinidad when the Captain comes on the PA system:

"aaahhhh, we're going to be sitting here for a few minutes. There seems to be a dog on the runway..."

A few minutes turned into 45 and finally, FINALLY we were cleared to take off and go home. That was after they finally told the helicopter that was out searching for the dumb thing to call it a day.

I love being in the Caribbean, but leaving it is a whole other matter entirely.

So as I am dead tired (from getting in late! stupid dog...) I am bowing to peer pressure and the 8 Random Things tag from [livejournal.com profile] vinylroad

1. I miss horseback riding with a burning, fiery passion. I've been riding since I was eight, and for most of my life it has been my life. College put the kibosh on that when I had to sell my horse and relegate my saddles to the corner of my room where the only use they are put to is a handy spot for my cat to feel superior. I could have sold them, but I figured that if I kept them (a western saddle- my riding style of choice and an english saddle) that I'd have to get a horse to go with them someday.

2. I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design that I don't even use. As I'm sure everyone can tell from the way I've gussied up my livejournal. I'm told that I'll want to go back into professional design again someday, but as my one little foray crushed my soul and left me empty I still haven't felt that desire.

3. I love cold places. I'm horrible at tolerating cold but I can't help it. I'm fascinated and in love with them. This is probably why Antarctica and Alaska are my number 2 and number 3 places to visit in my "places I must go list"

4. I get antsy if I stay in any one place longer then two years. Not just a 'I must travel' kind of antsy, but an 'I need to move far far away just for the sake of going far far away' kind of antsy.

5. My current job is not my career. I haven't the slightest clue about what I want to do with my life.

6. I miss mid-western storms. The things New York calls storms are not proper storms and I don't think these people would know thunder and lightening if it bit them on the ass. Proper mid-western storms look like the coming of the apocalypse. This is how it should be.

7. My brother is 21 years old and even though he denies it the Army is the best thing to ever happen to him. He actually talks to me now.

8. I am originally from Colorado, even though I tell people I'm from Texas.

and one more, because I like the number 9 better then the number 8 *g*

9. I can't cook. I nuke.



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