My company decided Lufthansa wasn't good enough for them anymore (meaning they found a cheaper option) and now it seems that Air France is our preferred airline of choice for flying to Germany. I was nervous about this decision when I heard about it just because I know of Air France's reputation and the fact that it would take us through Paris and they aren't exactly known at that airport for being on the ball.

So of course, knowing all this, my bag went missing. It's in Paris, I'm in Leipzig. This presents a bit of a problem as it's not showing up until tomorrow and I have to work. It looks like we're going to have someone from the crew bringing the plane in leave one of their flight manuals on the plane for me to use and we'll return it after the trip when they take the plane back from us. This way I'm still making hours and the crew isn't short staffed. Of course, I will be doing this trip without my uniform. Instead I will be in the clothes I wore from JFK to Leipzig. My purser was nice enough to go to the mall with me so I could buy socks, underwear, pajamas and a shirt on the companies dime. Since all Air France did was shrug their shoulders and give me an amenity kit that contained a t-shirt and a toothbrush.

At least my bag should be here tomorrow. So I am celebrating with Aloe Vera yogurt.

In other news, I'm up to Daleks in Manhattan in my Doctor Who marathon. This means I had to watch the last two episodes of series 2. Two episodes I HAD NEVER SEEN.

My TV watching habits are strange in the extreme. It's almost like if I start liking a show TOO much I have to stop watching. Part of the case with Doctor Who is that I know RTD likes to rip out hearts and stomp on them so I just found it safer to never watch, or at least never watch the last few epiosdes. It puts me in the strange position of being someone who got into Doctor Who through New Who but has seen every episode of Classic Who but not all of the New Doctor Who. So I made a handy list of all the eps I've not yet seen.

Army of Ghosts

Last of the Time Lords
Time Crash
The Doctor's Daughter
The Unicorn and the Wasp
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
Turn Left
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
The Next Doctor
Planet of the Dead
The End of Time, Part 2

Stunning isn't it? ;)
After two and a half months I have finally made it home to Houston!

I'm considering this quite the accomplishment. If I hadn't taken the earliest flight out of New York on Saturday I would have been stuck there. My flight took off and the snow storm hit a few hours later. I'd gotten in from Germany the night before and when we were booking the flight my mom and I discussed whether it would be better if I just sucked it up and showed up early or got rest and came in later. The early flight was such a good decision.

My cat has barely been more then 10 feet away from me since I walked in the door. When I'm gone she's my mom's best friend but as soon as I show up she ditches my mom and doesn't look back. Only a cat could be so loyal and so fickle all at the same time.

I also have a new Mac! My PC, while still in the land of the living, has been retired and put aside (thank god).

I have decided that Macs are made of sunshine and happiness and put together by angels in heaven whereas PCs were forged in the fires of hell to torment humanity.

So my question now, as someone who's old Mac is 8 years old and somewhat out of date, what programs or things should I absolutely have on this mac. I've got the basics, but what are the things you wouldn't be able to do without?

I'm out of date and looking to be informed!
I met Doctor Who people!!!

This is very exciting for me as most of my peeps in NYC are Supernatural people. Not that there's anything wrong with that (besides the wincest.) If I have my way [ profile] jigglykat will be dragged further into the depths of Astoria for more SPN watching (heads up [ profile] memphis86 and [ profile] regala_electra.

Besides the rain, for which I'd like to thank NYC because my summer hasn't been wet enough, I got to attend DWNY for the first time. BIG thanks to [ profile] gina_r_snape for introducing me to all this. It was nice being around people who spoke my language, regardless of the fact that we watched the 8th Doctor movie and it really is as bad as I remember it. Although it improves upon viewing with a group. I'm sure it would improve more if I were drunk.

Do I really have to leave for the airport at 5 in the morning? REALLY? I stayed in New York for the weekend to have a social life and as much as I love going home it usually ends in me sitting on my bed with my cat watching TV and surfing the internet. My brother's girlfriend suggested that we go out and do something while I'm home and I think I made a bit of a fool of myself eagerly jumping ALL over that suggestion.

I love my cat but she's a poor substitute for human interaction.
About an hour after my last post I got the call and was told to be down in the lobby in 30 minutes to leave for Dallas. Not an easy task but doable and all for the sake of getting home.

We got the troops into Dallas at 11 PM and the USO did a fantastic job of getting a crowd of people out there that late to welcome them home. I'm pretty sure the military put them up in hotels rather then just leave them to camp out in the airport.

What this post is really about though is not the military, it's about what happened going home.

So work has this whole kick going where they commercial us to and from New York on non-direct routes because it's CHEAPER.

We left the hotel at 11 am to check in for our 12:30 flight on AirTran via Atlanta. The first leg went fine although our connection time in Atlanta was only 15 minutes.

For the record: I hate running in airports. I ESPECIALLY hate running in airports in high heels. I always feel like I'm going to trip and break my neck.

We made it though, everyone was loaded onto the plane ready to go when it happened again. The freaking plane broke! Fortunately since AirTran is quite a bit bigger then my company and we were located at their hub they were able to find another plane and two hours later we were back on our way.

The flight was originally supposed to get into New York at 6:30 PM, so okay it would be two hours delayed: JUST AS LONG AS WE GET THERE RIGHT?

WRONG. Massive lighting storms in New York, so what was supposed to be a two hour flight ended up being a two hour flight with an hour and a half of circling over the New York area waiting for the holds on LaGuardia to be lifted. Every 30 minutes the Captain would come on the PA and say something like "well, Ladies and Gentleman, they've given us another 30 minute hold."

It finally got to the point that when ATC called in with another hold the Pilots had to divert to Baltimore since there wasn't enough fuel to keep circling. We landed in Baltimore. Of course the airport was closed, security was gone and there was nowhere to get food so we just stayed on the plane. For another hour and a half.

We did finally manage to get to New York (OMG FINALLY) and I walked into my Crash Pad at 12:30 at night.


I had a Chocolate Caramel Apple with me that I was saving for today but I walked into the Crash Pad so miserable I caved and ate it last night. And I ate that bad boy like I was 5 years old. I do believe I ended up with caramel and chocolate all over my face. It was wonderful and made me feel better. Comfort food solves so many issues.



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