Oct. 17th, 2006 12:05 am
I've finally managed to get over the procrastinating and finish my write up. I present to you: Prague. But fair warning, there's a lot of pics under that there cut.

I had no idea what to expect from the Czech Republic )
This German kezboard is reallz throwing me for a loop. The kezy arenät where thez are supposed to be...

Ok, enough of that.

There really was a big bug in the absinthe, even though it wasn't my absinthe - it could have been mine, but I didn't have 50 Euro´s floating about. Anyhow, as you can tell I have returned from Prague. Beautiful city, so full of life and history. More about the life and history (and murder, and poisonings, and beheadings and suicides and drownings later...)

The most amazing thing about our trip to Prague was that no one ended up in the hospital or jail and we got through it with very few mishaps (if you count getting hopelessly lost on the German/Czech Republic border and going 3 hours out of our way a mishap)

I have a ton of pictures, but seeing as how I'm supposed to peel myself out of a warm comfy bed to fly to Kuwait tomorrow... The pictures are going to have to wait. (The beds in Prague were horrible, I felt like I was sleeping on springs with only a sheet above them. Couple that with 3 other people in the room - 2 talking and 1 snoring away... hello exhaustion)

The bed is calling, the big comfortable fluffy bed that has no springs... - I must sleep.
Liepzig, Germany is a really great town. We're here during the middle of a big holiday weekend. It's fantastic.

The food, so far, has been the best part. Brautworst is an incredible things. I also found out that mixing Fanta and Coke makes an incredible drink. It has a name but I think I might hopelessly mangle the spelling.

You know, I probably should lay off the fun words like incredible and fantastic and amazing. Because yes, it has been all of that so far and hopefully more.

A trip into Prague hopefully looms in my future. It'll cost 468 Euro's for 5 of us to take a train there so tomorrow is going to be all about shopping around for rental cars that we can bring into the Czech Republic. Apparently Prague is the place to go for absinthe - the green fairy kind (Think Moulin Rouge). That's all I'm going to say about that.



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