Car Wash

My little brother turns 24 today. So I thought I'd be nice and wish him Happy Birthday. Not that he's ever going to read this and I'd be mortified if he ever did... but, its the thought that counts right?

The above picture was me not being nice. (What are big sisters for right?) I poured Doctor Pepper down the side of his car (It was an accident I swear!) and he ended up washing it off with his friends hoodie because that car is his bebeh.
1. The little brother is officially out of Iraq and only has a few more weeks of being in the Army! This 5 year saga is almost OVER and he can start living again. Finally.

2. The Harlem Globetrotters were staying in our hotel last night. I was waiting for my to-go french fries in the bar and ended up hanging out with one of the players and I think their manager/trainer somebody. I don't know. They were sweet.

3. I am living in mortal fear that the dollar is going to start devaluing and I'm going to be even more broke then I already am just trying to survive in Europe. I keep checking to see how much the dollar has dropped versus the pound and the euro. I'm telling you: MORTAL FEAR. (When the dollar was at 2 to the pound I was DYING. We were doing trips to Scotland and I LOVED Scotland, it's like the land of hot men and I couldn't afford to go. And now we're not doing the trips anymore. *woe*)

4. I really want to read more SPN fic but my sheer utter loathing for Sam Winchester has reached new heights (I am SO SORRY [ profile] mrscutedean I want to like him but I can't and I kinda feel guilty about that!). I can't read SPN fic with him in it. I just get angry and start mocking him, which I've been told is rather hilarious if you're not especially attached to Sam Winchester. This poses a bit of a problem as most SPN fics have him in it.

5. I'd really like to read SGA fic as well for some oddball reason, especially earthside or declassification fic but I don't ship McShep and I seem to be fundamentally incapable of shipping McShep and it seems like all the fics out there based on Earth or about the Stargate Program becoming public feature McShep. WHY?!?!

6. I've been writing Doctor Who fic *gasp*

7. My sleep schedule is all messed up yet again. I blame the person in the room next to me who seems to enjoy having loud phone conversations at 3 in the morning. *hulk!smash*
Iraq At Night

I met a Major General (Two Stars) the other day. He was on the plane saying goodbye to the troops we were bringing over to the Middle East (I say the Middle East because some of them were lucky enough to get duty stations in Kuwait rather then Iraq.) Anyhow, my brother is gearing up for his next deployment in March, 15 months somewhere in Iraq, and I couldn't help but think of him this trip as these guys came from a base, Fort Huachuca, he used to be stationed at.

The above photo isn't mine. It was taken by my brother in Hit, Iraq as part of his first 15 month tour in Iraq as an Intelligence Analyst attached to the 1st Armor Division.

Anyhoo, I hate it when I wake up from the sleep of the dead and don't even know where I am, what day it is or what the hell is going on. And I have to work in 7 hours... Again.

*climbs back into bed*
The little bro still seems to be happier in Iraq then in Germany. There's really no accounting for it, he gripes and he bitches about it, but overall he sounds happier. I find this quite odd, but as long as he returns in one piece, alive and uninjured... who am I to judge?

Me on the other hand, I'm still trying to find a job. I love waking up in the middle of the night wondering how the hell I'm going to pay rent. It's great fun. I soothe my nerves by reading copious amounts of fanfiction and someday I will get around to writing that long drawn out rant about fanfiction- what makes it good, what makes it bad and what people can do to improve their writing. Someday, until then I guess I will have to appease myself by trying not to gouge out my eyes when I run across something that could have been really good, had the author not slaughtered it. Maybe fanfiction isn't so good for my nerves after all...

hmm, I should probably go pay my bills now with the money I borrowed from my little brother (what a horrible human being I am, borrowing money off a guy in a war zone. Although, he did offer and he really doesn't need it right now. Apparently there's not much to buy where he is *g*)
The little bro finally checked in again from bright and sunny Kuwait. Oddly enough he sounds much more upbeat about things there then in Germany.

Little excerpt from his e-mail )

My rapidographs are calling to me. I should draw something
So far my brother finds the Middle East to be better then Germany.

In Kuwait at least, he can finally get Taco Bell/Subway/etc.

It's the simple things in life *g*
My brother just told me he got the smallpox vaccination. Apparently in a few weeks a big blister is going to form on his shoulder and start oozing pus. He's been advised to stay away from small children since the pus is considered contagious. They also told him it would cause some irritation.

Well, no kidding?! A blister oozing contagious pus might cause some irritation. You don't say?



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