Christmas Lights

I wanted to write tonight but after working every day since the 1st (I'm not counting layovers as 'being off') I'm too exhausted to think.

Pictures will just have to speak for me.
I leave the internet for awhile and suddenly my inbox is full of sparkly snowflake cookies. Not that I'm complaining ;)

I was stuck in the prison known as Japan and it was AWFUL. Granted, we weren't really in Japan, even though physically you could say we were in Northern Japan. No, we were at Misawa Air Base and upon arrival they took our passports and off we went to the on base hotel. Which was awful, that hotel is what made the stay feel so prison like. That, and the fact that the only places to eat were the Commissary, Popeyes and Burger King. Very depressing - when in Japan I try not to eat American fast food. Blech.

The worst thing was the lack of internet. There was internet but I don't know if I'd like to call what they had internet... it was so slow. In the 30 hours I had there it just got to the point where I didn't even bother checking it - except for making increasingly hysterical posts on twitter...

I wasn't even able to edit my brother's paper for one of his college classes which I promised I'd do. The internet was so damn slow I could barely get into my e-mail let alone download the thing.

it was the nicest thing in the world: crawling into Seattle suffering from exhaustion... finally checking my e-mail and finding all those v-gifts. You Guys!

Big thanks to [ profile] erateini, [ profile] maychorian, [ profile] ignited, [ profile] karmicunderpath, [ profile] kashmir1 and [ profile] memphis86

I'm just bummed I missed this bandwagon while it was going by.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'm posting the below for the benefit of two people on my flist: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

My plans have been foiled! My Aunt bought me Doctor Who Season 4 on DVD. I HAVE NO EXCUSES ANYMORE. ARGH.

I also got Generation Kill on DVD. So on the up side my TV will at least be graced by the presence of two out of three of my TV boyfriends. :)

The Leipzig Christmas Market )
Merry Christmas!

There was a study done awhile ago that came to the conclusion that if Santa really did exist, the best place for him to live would by Kyrgyzstan as it would be the place that would enable him to deliver as many toys as possible around in the world in a time efficient manner.

In honor of the fact that I just got back from Kyrgyzstan and will soon be leaving to go back to Kyrgyzstan (my prediction that the military is amping up Afghanistan seems to be coming true). It's Christmas Card Time!

So if you'd like to receive a Christmas Card (or Hannakuh/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Your Dog's Birthday Card) leave me your name and address in the comments (even if you live across the pond) and I'll send you one. Comments will be screened so it's not like you'll be flaunting your personal info.

If you've already made a Christmas Card post and I somehow missed it, please please please link me and I'll happily send away! I know there are a few people I missed that I'd love to send a card to or receive a card from and in my exhausted state I most likely forgot to comment.

I'm really excited about my Christmas Cards this year. I bought them last January and I've been dying to send them out. (They're just so ME! *g*)
Merry Christmas folks. I hope ya'll are having as great a Christmas as I am. The presents are unwrapped, there are enticing smells wafting from the kitchen and it feels like Elizabeth, Colorado was attacked by a Norman Rockwell painting.

It's been snowing all day and it is BEAUTIFUL

We went for a little hike earlier through the woods so I thought I'd gift ya'll with my White Christmas no matter where ya'll are.

Snow Day

My Christmas. Let me show you it... )
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Ya'll!!

(look closely and you can see a self portrait in the reflection of the ornament *g*)



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