Meh. I keep seeing Wincon reports popping up and I don't want it to be over!

I will not be writing up a report, I did my reporting purely in pictures. Pictures I am not able to load as I am at the Holiday Inn in Bangor Maine (a city I willfully mispronounce as its more fun to say Bangher. Yes, I am easily amused)and the internet connection sucks. My pictures are so fun and pretty too. I'm heading to the Holiday Inn in Wisconsin tomorrow so I'll retry there and if that doesn't work I'll retry again in Germany. AND if that doesn't work I will most definitely have them up when I get back to New York on the 27th.

For all the German-lovers on my flist: Lederhosen. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT!?

Oh yes, all systems are go for the Halloween Photo Project. The days off have been acquired, I even purchased a book on the particular subject we'll be visiting and I'm all set for some fantastic pictures! I can't wait!
The Super Sekrit Photo Project is edited! *collapses*

It came out to 137 photos out of over 200. Now just to export and upload the suckers, which is an epic undertaking in and of itself...

I'm so very proud that I got these edited within a month of taking them. I have over 5,000 photos in my photo file. Only around 2,000 of these are actually edited, tagged and properly named. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up on some of that backlog and start focusing on the Halloween Photo Project.

Also, is it sad that part of the reason why I read hard to understand, complicated books (besides the fact that I enjoy them) are the expressions on my coworkers faces every time they pick my book up and look at it?

That happened so much on this last trip and it cracked me up every time!
I am back from Kuwait. The trip kicked my ass. I did get some of the Super Sekrit Photo Project photos edited, but I kept getting interrupted by curious crew members wanting to know what I was doing and what the pictures were, and of course I'd have to walk them through the entire thing as once they knew what the pictures were the just HAD to know more.

Because of the delay, my layover was shortened and even though I have the new SPN episode I have far too little time to watch and enjoy. Alas, it must wait till Oklahoma. (yes indeedy, I am flying Germany to Maine, Maine to Oklahoma. The exhaustion is going to be EPIC). In the good news scheme of things, we're almost caught up on all of ATA's flights (the ones they can't do because they no longer exist) which means that we go back to doing a flight every other day rather then every day and my German layovers go back to being 48 hours (Berlin, here I come!)

Anyways, the above ramble was just me trying to distract myself from all the lovely posts about 4x03 plastered all over my flist. I know nothing about the episode except that [ profile] regala_electra told me, before it aired, that it looked kinda like the Farscape episode Kansas. I replied that that was lovely, just please let it have some Castiel in it. Because I'm not shallow AT ALL. :)

So yes, no SPN for almost another day *gnashes teeth*



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