My Canon Rebel XTI finally crapped out on me. I went to the Bronx Zoo a few days ago and took over a thousand photos. I'm going to be lucky if even 25% of them are worth keeping. It's been coming on for awhile... photos have been getting grainier and grainer and blur has started creeping in. I've been taking pictures with a DSLR for almost five years now. I know how to take a picture and when you compare the settings I took the picture at to the picture itself... something was definitely wrong.

Wrong to the point that looking at my photos was an extremely depressing experience that made me question my ability as a photographer.

The thought of going to London next month with a camera that MIGHT take a good picture was a bit of a let down as well. This all culminated in Kingston, Jamaica as I frantically skyped with my mother and [ profile] raelala and pretty much unburdened myself on them (I apparently had repressed camera woes).

My mom, being the amazing wonderful person she is, agreed to loan me the money to buy a new camera (and by loan, I have to pay her back. Ah adulthood...)


I've not actually taken any pictures with it yet... the battery is charging but it's amazing and wonderful and beautiful!

Since I don't have any photos from the new camera to bombard you with... I'm posting some of the last photos I took with the Rebel (barring the Bronx Zoo photos because I'm having some ISSUES with those)

I have no excuse for this picspam really. They're just photos of my room at my parent's place in Texas because I cleaned it and OMG I MUST COMMEMORATE IT'S CLEANLINESS WITH PHOTOS.

Plus... I find it fascinating to see where people live. I can't be the only one )
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Beach House

I held these photos back from my picspam yesterday, mainly because I think that particular picspam would have become just a tad too long. A few months ago I added Ghost Town to the list of abandoned places I've broken into. It's a town in Connecticut that was abandoned in the mid-90's when the bridge connecting the peninsula to the mainland burnt. The only way to get to the town is a narrow strip of land barely big enough for a road. The houses are set to be razed as the peninsula is being turned into some sort of bird sanctuary. Thankfully we managed to see the place before it all disappears. We only managed to cover a fraction of it. There's so much there but as most people discover soon after picking up a camera - you're limited by the available light and when the sun started going down it was time to leave.

Pleasure Beach Photos )
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For the longest time I've had a huge backlog of unedited photos just sitting on my computer. I finally, after many years, finished editing and uploading them. I consider this something of a miracle. They span from 2007 - 2010 with the majority from this last year. I got kinda... lazy in my editing towards the end of the year.

It's strange not having photos to edit. There are times I stare blankly at my computer at a loss for what to do now that I don't have the photos living there.

Massive Picspam below the cut covering a variety of places. )
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The Lake

I wandered about New York City the other day with [ profile] raelala and since I like how the pictures came out...

New York Autumn prettiness under the cut )
Sprouting Adipose

[ profile] shinyopals asked for more harassment of the kitteh pics and I am delivering...

There is a harassed cat under this cut )
I'm back in NYC, already getting annoyed at certain roommates who think throwing a party is a good idea. I think they are misunderstanding the purpose of a crashpad: a place to rest for flights. It's not a place to party.

Anyhow, since the idea of crashpads is pretty foreign to those not in the aviation industry I've taken a few photos for reference. *g*

Plus, I really like seeing how other people live so I thought I'd return the favor.

It's worse then the dorms... )
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[ profile] raelala finds the nicest places. Sometime in January we took an excursion and broke into prison. It was an abandoned prison granted, but I just like saying I broke into prison. For some reason it makes me quite happy :)

Hi Ho Into Prison We Go )
Since the Snowpocalypse is well under way and everyone (or most everyone) is either stuck at home or at work contemplating how to get home I thought this was the perfect time to break out some photo spams: starting with the Naturhistorische Museum Wien.

Charles Darwin

This is a museum so badass, Charles Darwin rides tortoises through the lobby... Because nothing says Snow Day like Darwin on a tortoise.

Naturhistorische Museum Wien Photos )
The 13 hour commercial to Kuwait has been accomplished! It was unfortunately not a direct flight and we had to land in London - which is basically a giant tease. We had to leave the plane, go through security and walk back through the terminal only to get back on the same plane. I kept darting into the Terminal shops to see if there was any DW stuff to buy. Alas, there was nothing, Heathrow was spared the Doctor Who marketing blitz apparently. (Dear Terminal 3 shops: International travelers do too like Doctor Who!)

This will be my second New Years spent in Kuwait. I think I slept through the last one, I'll probably be asleep or ordering room service for the second one as we report for our flight at 4 in the morning. I like to go hog wild for New Years.

Look at that - it's 4 in the morning now! Jetlag is SO much fun. :)

I think I've posted a few random Kuwait pictures here and there but have never compiled a picspam, clearly I must rectify that.

Kuwait City

More pictures of that tiny little country Saddam once invaded )
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Billy's Antiques & Props

So there's this store on Houston street in Manhattan that I love. Billy's Antiques and Props. [ profile] raelala was actually the one to discover it, but it's just so wonderfully creepy, and Billy himself is quite the character.

Anyhow, I thought I'd compile some of the photos I've managed to amass from this place

and show them around a bit... )
Achilles Tang

I spent all day yesterday editing fish photos. I spent all day today pulling my hair out over identifying the fish and whining and moaning about it over twitter, gchat and aim. (I have wonderful friends who put up with SO MUCH from me)

Anyways, I am far too exhausted to do any kind of picspam (at this point my brain functioning consists mainly of "oh, look at the pretty colors on the pretty, pretty fish...") so, all the photos can be found at Flickr: The New England Aquarium.

I must now collapse and have non-fishy dreams
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Please Sit and Rest

9th Ave and 13th Street. The new Highline Park in Manhattan. A very pretty place.
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Spock's New Do

I was planning on doing a longer picspam but as I have to start getting ready for work soon (and some general laziness) I'm sticking with just one photo.
Hanger On

I took a trip to the Mercer Arboretum with my new macro lenses the other day and thought I'd share some of the flowers...

Also, this post is extremely image heavy. I had a very hard time picking out pictures as I was SO pleased with how they came out so there are a lot of pictures below that there cut.

Some Spring Flowers )
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I'm absolutely abysmal at updating or even commenting. There's a reason for that though: sheer,utter exhaustion. My job kicks my ass on a regular basis. I'll get on the internet, check in with the flist and be absolutely incapable of pulling myself together long enough to comment or even string together a sentence coherent enough to make it my lj.

Anyhow, this would be another picspam. It's a random one consisting entirely of pictures I uploaded in the past two weeks. I went on a bit of an uploading spree trying to get caught up on the thousands of photos I have floating around on my harddrive.

Here.... Have a selection of pictures from some of my different travels )
I am continually amused by what pictures on my Flickr Account seem to attract the most people. They usually aren't what I expect them to be.

Without futher adu: Elrina753's Most Viewed Photos )
Fog on the Hills

I was lucky enough to spend 4 whole days in Vail over my birthday. Four wonderfully cold, beautiful days full of skiing. This is probably part 1 of a 3 part picspam. Or maybe 4 part. I haven't decided yet. Anyways, enjoy the frosty mountain goodness below the cut. :)

More Mountain Madness )


Jan. 29th, 2009 09:37 pm
Two picture posts in two days. And both of them SPN appropriate... since this is SPN night and all

Goblin Detail

A few more little dudes for your viewing pleasure )
Saint Louis Cemetery

I was lucky enough to spend my New Years Day in New Orleans. The first place I headed too upon entering the city was the graveyard. Creepy yes, but oh so cool. I went a little camera crazy there... which means that there are many many many pictures behind the cut.


More cemetery photos this way... )
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Everyone seems to be doing these year end introspection/what did I do/where was my brain and what was I thinking type posts and because I am a total sheep I'm following suite. Except I haven't written any fics (well I have, but they remain under the tightest of tight friends cuts and shall stay that way. So they don't count) But I have taken a hell of a lot of photos. Flickr tells me I have 1,504 photos loaded from just 2008. Not too bad, but when you take into account the number of photos languishing on my hard drive... it's really rather pathetic.

Anyhow, I'm giving you a smattering of my year... pictorially speaking.

2008 in Photos )



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