Since the Snowpocalypse is well under way and everyone (or most everyone) is either stuck at home or at work contemplating how to get home I thought this was the perfect time to break out some photo spams: starting with the Naturhistorische Museum Wien.

Charles Darwin

This is a museum so badass, Charles Darwin rides tortoises through the lobby... Because nothing says Snow Day like Darwin on a tortoise.

Naturhistorische Museum Wien Photos )
I have so much stuff to post about... none of which I am posting about as I've been editing the same batch of photos for two days and they seem to have eaten my brain and stripped away my ability to function (or that could have just been Twilight. Which I did see and can never un-see)


this post has a point. That point is Music. Music for y'all to have and enjoy.

I have a wonderful flist that posts all kinds of fantastic music and seems to like a WIDE variety of things, so I thought I'd repay the favor and add to that variety. I think it was [ profile] karmicunderpath who posted a link to a foreign music meme and I guess you could consider this in that line of thought.


The Rough Guide to Australian Aboriginal Music )
A few points...

1. Australia was AMAZING.

2. I was packed for Alaska in Winter, not Australia in summer. I lugged a down jacket with fur lining around the world and never used it.

3. Now I'm lugging around a big ass Didgeridoo. I look fairly ridiculous.

4. I have been asked the "so what do you think of outcome of the American election?" far too many times by non-americans on this trip. They all seem to expect me to exhibit massive amounts of squee and act like its the bestest thing evar. I've stunned more then a few people with my big mouth and lack of squee. I am not sorry.

5. I'm out of money. I was not expecting that to happen. I had to dip into my pile of foreign currency and change Euro and Yen so I can eat tomorrow...

6. I've taken over a thousand photos whilst on a 6 day trip. The thought of going through them strikes fear into my heart.

7. The Halloween Photo Project photos have been delayed a bit because of this.

8. I have a gazillion comments I have to make/reply to, some from weeks back.

9. My brother is home from Iraq. He's still a bit of a jackass when he's tired, but I'm seeing him in two days for the first time in months!

10. I've managed to avoid the yearly pilgrimage to Wichita, Kansas for the past 6 years to see my grandparents. Apparently I won't be missing out on it this year.


Nov. 4th, 2008 01:20 pm
Screw election day! I just got extended to go to AUSTRALIA

Granted, I only say screw election day because I hate the media hype. Also, I already voted. But AUSTRALIA!!!!!

With a 16 hour stop in Hawaii on the way home!

Sometimes, I really love my job!



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