The empty field near the hotel we stay at in Leipzig Germany was mowed the other day and I couldn't figure out why they were suddenly concerned with how it looks.

Turns out the Circus was in town.

I am NEVER going to this circus )
elleflies: (Photography: Camera Click)

Been awhile since I posted pictures... Today seems like a good day for a random one.
I'm feeling a bit guilty.

I have a 48 hour layover in Leipzig, which rarely happens, and my tentative plans to go to the Leipzig Zoo are falling through (my coworkers like to drink, this always screws plans for the day after). Normally, I'd be all 'screw this' and go alone, but I REALLY don't feel like it today.

A big part of me just wants to veg out for 48 hours (except for the part where I head into Leipzig to pick up absinthe for people).

I want to watch TV on my computer (OMG CHUCK HAS BEEN AWESOME LATELY!), edit Abandoned Farm Colony photos and catch up on e-mails.

And I feel so guilty about this because shouldn't I be out and about experiencing life and doing things and enjoying Germany? (even though I'm in Leipzig more then I'm in Texas and New York...)


On an unrelated note.

I have now had a grand total of 5 people tell me I "look like that girl from Twilight"


I introduce myself and the first thing people say is "you look like someone" and after that I know what they're going to say and its all downhill from there.


"very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, a bit too full for her jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. She's five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds. She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them."

Except for having ash blonde hair, blue eyes, no widow's peak, being 5 foot six and having FANTASTIC fingernails, it's spot on don't you think?

And just for reference: PHOTOS )

Also, I got into an arguement (again) with the military about the relative merits of Twilight. Usually this happens with the female soldiers. This time it was GUYS. MEN, I'M LOOSING FAITH IN YOUR MACHO DON'T LET ME DOWN!

The Leipzig Christmas Market )
I am back from Kuwait. The trip kicked my ass. I did get some of the Super Sekrit Photo Project photos edited, but I kept getting interrupted by curious crew members wanting to know what I was doing and what the pictures were, and of course I'd have to walk them through the entire thing as once they knew what the pictures were the just HAD to know more.

Because of the delay, my layover was shortened and even though I have the new SPN episode I have far too little time to watch and enjoy. Alas, it must wait till Oklahoma. (yes indeedy, I am flying Germany to Maine, Maine to Oklahoma. The exhaustion is going to be EPIC). In the good news scheme of things, we're almost caught up on all of ATA's flights (the ones they can't do because they no longer exist) which means that we go back to doing a flight every other day rather then every day and my German layovers go back to being 48 hours (Berlin, here I come!)

Anyways, the above ramble was just me trying to distract myself from all the lovely posts about 4x03 plastered all over my flist. I know nothing about the episode except that [ profile] regala_electra told me, before it aired, that it looked kinda like the Farscape episode Kansas. I replied that that was lovely, just please let it have some Castiel in it. Because I'm not shallow AT ALL. :)

So yes, no SPN for almost another day *gnashes teeth*
The Amsterdam extravaganza (sort of as my version of an extravaganza in Amsterdam is decidedly much more TAME then most peoples) is over.

Sort of. Today was the *counts* 8 hour train ride from Amsterdam to Bamberg by way of Frankfurt and Nuremberg, and if we'd actually been thinking we would have gotten me a hotel in Frankfurt rather then going all the way down to Bamberg. We weren't thinking as I'm going to have backtrack tomorrow in order go get back to Frankfurt for my flight home.

I have many many many pictures and am going to make every attempt to get them edited within the next 10 years.

*crosses fingers*
Mr Goth Guy

I ended up in Leipzig, Germany - like usual as I seem to live there and ended up in the biggest Goth/Alternative life styles convention in the world. We were dropped into a town full of 20,000 something Goths. Not what I was expecting out of Leipzig, but apparently it goes on every year and if you want darkness and punk and alternative Leipzig is the place to be. Who knew?

My plan to just sleep the day away was foiled by one of the pilots who had a post card and an idea. So due to the camera I lug around with my everywhere I was conscripted as partner in crime and official traveling companion for the trek to the Battle of the Monuments. It became less about the Monument and more about people watching (and being somewhat blatant about it as we were both operating on about 2 hours of sleep). If a goth with a particularly interesting look popped up (granted, they all looked somewhat interesting, but we became Goth connoisseurs in our time there) well, it must be pointed out to the other person so there was plenty of surreptitious elbowing and whispered "look over there!"

Some of the outfits were... insane. And the platforms some of the girls were sporting... speaking as someone who just learned to walk in heels this past year I know that if I gave those boots a go I'd break my face. Also, patent leather corsets in the weather Leipzig was having (mildly hot) how did they not drop dead from heat exhaustion?

It was fun, even though I wish a few had covered up a bit more (I'm speaking to you Mr. Goth Guy who was walking around in a sheer shirt, short shorts and thigh high fishnets. At least if you're going to wear that, have the decency to wear heels instead of black sneakers. As you can see from the picture above.)

The monument on the other hand became more and more interesting as we struggled up step after step in a desperate bid to reach the top surrounded by crowds of Goths.

Oh, Germany. Never change.

I could never be a goth, the upkeep for looks like that must be murder and I'm far too lazy for that, but kudos to them.
I've been horribly lax about the posting of pictures, which I think [ profile] thekatebeyond has mentioned once or twice.

Amazingly enough I think this is the first time I've posted pictures that I've taken with my new camera on my lj. Everything else was from my Canon Powershot 350, which is okay... but not very good when you're a control freak and need to fiddle with every single setting (which my new Canon Rebel XTI lets me do. Yay control issues!)

ANYHOW. Moving on. I spent 40 hours in the little town of Dessau, Germany. It's about an hour north of Leipzig and an hour south of Berlin and it is exceedingly boring (sorry people of Dessau, but it really was boring!) It is also the home of the Bauhaus, and considering that I found that part of my art history class exceedingly boring as well, I'm not surprised that Dessau is the town that spawned it (although it's still a hell of a lot better then Dada).

This photo series is what you would call an exploration of Dessau through texture. I got so bored with all the East German Soviet Block construction (and the attempts by the people of Dessau to hide the ugliness of it all) that I just focused on texture and color rather then boxy buildings (not that the buildings aren't fascinating from an historical viewpoint, but visually... blah.)

But anyhow... This is for you [ profile] thekatebeyond! Pictures!


Click here for more! )
My fingers are icycles and they've swapped the Y and the Z keys on this board and it's very aggravating.

This was supposed to be a 76 hour layover here in Germany, which it still is, but it sure as hell doesn't feel that way. I had a whole site-seeing iteneray all set up and planned and it got completely shot to hell. That would be due to the massive amount of drinking and clubing that we partook in on our first night here.

Staying out till 5 in the morning and dancing with random boys (can it even be called dancing? It was more like grinding...) well, it doesn't make for well rested and sober tourists. I was the only one of the group that was sober and that was only because I stuck to spezi, a tequila shot and smirnoff ice all night and only one of those can be considered even relatively alcoholic. But yes, there was much drunkeness and debauchery and I blame it entirely on the United States Military.

But I got my touring in, so I'm good.

There will be more to say once I get internet back (woe!)
I was supposed to take a train through the mountains and go to the little mountain town of Heidelbergh today for some serious sightseeing, but that last turn out of Kuwait completely wiped me out so I spent my day in K-town (as Kaiserslautern is affectionately known by the Americans) sleeping my day away.

Random Facts About this Trip

1. My two word vocabulary is doing me absolutely no good.
2. I get the feeling I'm going to end up fluent.
3. The food in Germany is amazing and I have been living off of Brautworst.
4. German words are fun to say and even more fun to mangle.

I've got more, I'm just completely out of it right now.
Liepzig, Germany is a really great town. We're here during the middle of a big holiday weekend. It's fantastic.

The food, so far, has been the best part. Brautworst is an incredible things. I also found out that mixing Fanta and Coke makes an incredible drink. It has a name but I think I might hopelessly mangle the spelling.

You know, I probably should lay off the fun words like incredible and fantastic and amazing. Because yes, it has been all of that so far and hopefully more.

A trip into Prague hopefully looms in my future. It'll cost 468 Euro's for 5 of us to take a train there so tomorrow is going to be all about shopping around for rental cars that we can bring into the Czech Republic. Apparently Prague is the place to go for absinthe - the green fairy kind (Think Moulin Rouge). That's all I'm going to say about that.



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