Limerick, Ireland is not what I would call a happening tourist destination. It’s very much a working city: rough around the edges and not at all pretentious. I’ve spent many a layover prowling its streets and shops and trying not to get wet from the downpours that seem to be a fact of Irish life. This trip I did something different, I visited King John’s Castle.

The River Shannon

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Wait... I missed Heroes?

*consoles self with the fact that I am in Dublin*

Every time I get caught up on a show I fall behind again.

I still don't think I'm making much sense. The tea store was closed so instead of restoring my brain cells with tea (sweet ambrosia of life... is my English showing?)I am sitting in an internet cafe letting my feet rest.

I did go to St Pat's and let them rest there, but my brain ended up being a bit horrified by the Irish family who had brought their kids out to play and the words that the kids were saying. Children below the age of 12 shouldn't be popping out with words like "fucker" and "dildo" and "bastard" and I'm pretty sure I didn't mishear when the mom kept instigating her kids to say "dildo" over and over again. I was hoping I misheard, but the more they said it, the more sure I was that I was hearing it correctly. Shoot, I'm 25 and many a time that I cuss I expect my mother to miraculously appear before me and smack me. Also, they're playing on the lawn of a vey old, venerable CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL and saying stuff like that. God is frowning right now, I tell you. FROWNING!

I need food, and and I'm here by myself, so I'm thinking I'm just gonna find a seat at a bar (shouldn't be too difficult in an area called Temple Bar) and get myself some food and Guiness. I really don't want the Guiness, but I feel that at least one night, in Dublin, I should be a team player, bite the bullet and just drink the damn thing. Of course, first I need to get up and my feet aren't liking that idea.

On the plus side, instead of a 10 person room at the Hostel, they stuck me in a 6 person room for the same price and from the looks of some of the pajamas on the bed, i will not be the only girl in there. Unless there's a really feminine guy out there that likes pink and fluffy.
I got up at 5 in the morning to make my bus, and I made it, and it took me 4 hours to get to Dublin, but it's been so worth it.

I saw the Book of Kells. The art geek in me is so happy right now. I'm slowly whittling away at the masterworks!

My one big problem though, is that I don't drink, and since everything closes around 5 in the evening I need to keep myself occupied in a manner that does not include alcohol (as that usually ends up with me in a corner asleep or throwing up somewhere. No bueno).

I'm thinking of taking the camera and notebook to St. Paints Cathedral (the original!!) and letting the creativity flow. We shall see though, its not like I have an itinerary.
I'm getting on a bus tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning for a 3 hour and 40 minute bus ride from Limerick to Dublin.

To top it off, I just booked a bed in a 10 bed room in a mixed hostel.

And I'm doing it alone.

And to think, 2 days ago I didn't even know I'd be going to Ireland. There's something to be said for throwing together crazy travel plans at the last minute.

To make it even better, I'm sitting in the hotel lobby mooching off the wireless and they're playing all U2 songs. *Sings Along*
Hello from seat 28C of a 757 sitting on the runway in Shannon, Ireland.

Just stopping for fuel and food as we continue the trek into Germany. I still find it bizarre to come onto a plane and work a flight with handguns and rifles and all sorts of other weapons shoved into every corner and under every seat. God bless the United States military :)

At least I get to get off in Germany, 2-something hours from now. These poor guys have another 7 hours of travel ahead of them into Kuwait and from there a good portion of them have a trek into Baghdad to look forward to. They're a fun bunch though- very clean. After doing mostly Africa flights this last month I'm very grateful to that fact.

At least in a few hours I'll know if going to Prague is going to be feasible. I want a stamp in my passport from the Czech Republic damnit - if I can swing it of course. With the whole European Union thing and the permeable borders I might not get it *crosses fingers*

Anyways, I am delirious from too much chocolate. European chocolate is the best - I hit the Shannon Airport duty free and am now stocked on Cadbury bars and Crunchie bars. *bliss*

btw, if anyone wants to try Crunchie bars, they are incredible. Milk chocolate surrounding a honeycomb center. If you suck on them you can really taste the honey. You can find them at a store on Greenwich Ave in Manhattan called Tea and Sympathy. They've got a great selection of British Candy (far superior to American)



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