I ended up being pretty lucky in the flights I got before I quit. For a good two months I went wonderful places - it still wasn't enough to make me happy with my job. I was THRILLED with the destinations but not so much with the actual working part of it.

The month before I quit I did two separate trips to Venice. Well... technically Aviano which is an hour away from Venice but thankfully Europe has embraced this magical traveling machine called a train. We went into Venice three times. I took way too many photos.

Book Store Cat

Venice pictures below the cut. VERY image heavy )
Finally made it to Italy.

Ended up going from Naples to Sorrento then up the Amalfi Coast to dawdle around Amalfi a bit before hopping on a boat and heading back to Naples.

The rumor is we won't have these trips much longer. If it's true I will be very full of woe.

Pictures will hopefully get edited within the week. They HAVE to get edited before DragonCon (Or they never will)
I've had a few tequila shots so I'm not entirely sure how coherent this is going to be... Word to the wise.

So, Europe is being it's normal (annoying) self and required me to pay to access the internet, so any keeping up with Internet life that I wanted to do in Italy... didn't happen.

Instead I spent my day in Rome. Here are a few things as I'll be going into more depth when I actually manage to get my photos processed and uploaded. I have so much more to add, but I'm just a bit loopy at the moment and still sleep deprived.

1. I was up a grand total of 35 hours with no sleep. I woke up at 9 in the morning (eastern standard time) on the 8th of July. I didn't go to sleep until 6 in the evening (eastern standard time) on the 9th of July.

2. I can feel the sympathy just flowing in from my flist. Awake for 35 hours and spending it in Rome. Y'all are just oh so sorry... *g*

3. Rome has filthy streets. I've lived in New York City for going on 3 years now, I'm familiar with filthy streets. But Rome blows these out of the water. My feet were practically black after a day of walking around and I think the grime might be permanently ingrained into the soles of my feet.

4. Rome is exactly the same as I last saw it in 2000 and completely different.

5. Our passengers consisted of (very enthusiastic) State Farm Agents who sold a hell of a lot of insurance in one year.

6. Plane food strikes again, or reasons why you shouldn't eat the cheesecake: I spent the last quarter of the flight absolutely wrecked. I was able to pull myself together before the shuttle to Rome, but it was a close thing.

7. I cemented my place as a giant geek amongst my coworkers by sharing my trauma and my broken shipper heart over the Doctor Who finale. And to think, I won that spot without having to tell them I was a member of the Star Trek fan club back in ye olden days. That's accomplishment there *g*

7. It's time to crash. Tequila bad. Sleep good.
I was the one who planned the route we would take from our hotel to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples: it was the quickest most straightforward path there. There would be no shopping or meandering. We did not have time on our hands and the archaeological remnants of Pompeii and Herculaneum were calling out to me.

I did not factor in the mannequins gracing the windows of some shop fronts into my plans. In retrospect: I should have.

Don't Irritate the Dummies

We passed it initially. I looked at my friend, she looked at me and both of us were pondering the same thing: was that dummy sneering at us?

Yes it was. My friends, consider this proof that even shop window dummies have attitude when they're in Italy.
weeeeell. I managed to blow out the hearing in my ears at the firing range. Ooops. I also managed to bust my shoulder with my great-grandfathers world war I rifle. My dad told me it didn't have much kick. HE LIED! He was off tooling around with his AK-47 and my shoulder was getting battered into a pulp and my grandfather, Mr-fought-in-world-war-two-and-gave-the-nazi's-hell, was sitting behind me giggling away at my misfortune.

Anyhoo. It's been awhile since I've done a pic-spam.

So, since it's Thanksgiving I'm going to do a picspam of thankfulness... sorta. Just.. um... Click. K?

I am... Thankful that those I care about and my place of residence has not been destroyed by a Volcano. )



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