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Two and a half years later I have FINALLY uploaded all of my photos from The Netherlands. I feel I didn't do the country justice and would desperately love to go back and reshoot. Granted, I feel this way about many of the places I visit.

Still. I'm happy these photos are done and no longer being neglected on my harddrive.
The Amsterdam extravaganza (sort of as my version of an extravaganza in Amsterdam is decidedly much more TAME then most peoples) is over.

Sort of. Today was the *counts* 8 hour train ride from Amsterdam to Bamberg by way of Frankfurt and Nuremberg, and if we'd actually been thinking we would have gotten me a hotel in Frankfurt rather then going all the way down to Bamberg. We weren't thinking as I'm going to have backtrack tomorrow in order go get back to Frankfurt for my flight home.

I have many many many pictures and am going to make every attempt to get them edited within the next 10 years.

*crosses fingers*
My method of traveling is to show up somewhere and wing it.

The boy and I really should have done some research as to what exactly was going on in Amsterdam this weekend. The bad news is there's a Broadcasters Conference in town. 60,000 people have descended on the city. More bad news: finding a hotel has been a challenge, the boy won't tell me how much he paid and we're only here for one night. The worst news: we get to go out and try to find another hotel tomorrow morning.

It wouldn't be an adventure if something didn't go wrong right? *g*

Also, I'm going on 30 hours without sleep. I'm just thankful we found somewhere to crash (it was either pay out the nose or take a whores leftovers. So we're paying out the nose)



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