Apparently I lied last week when I said I was going to stick it out with Supernatural.

I can't. I'm throwing in the towel. Last season ended exactly as I wanted it to: Sam in hell with Lucifer (I'm putting on blinders to the last scene. In my little world it didn't happen) and Dean off living a fantastic and normal life.

In my little world I'm going to pretend that parties were thrown celebrating Sam's death and that Dean is ridiculously happy. I don't need to watch Season 6 of SPN. As far as I'm concerned it's over. I didn't even bother watching last nights episode and I found last weeks episode to be EXTREMELY disappointing.

Plus, it's obvious that this show hasn't made me happy for awhile now. I still adore some of the characters (I'm looking at you Castiel and Bobby) but there are certain other characters *cough*Sam*cough* that I find ENRAGING. I've always been a proponent of 'If you don't like it, don't watch' so I'm going to follow my own advice. It's not like I've been super into the show anyways, what with my brain getting eaten by Doctor Who.

Still, it's time. Farewell SPN, it was fun while it lasted!
I am caught up on Supernatural!

I believe this deserves a parade or something. Floats, confetti... the whole nine yards.

So. Thoughts on the last six episodes in no particular order )

Also, because this pleases me: I finally wore a dress I'd been putting off wearing because it was OMG!girly and people might notice I am of the girl persuasion but having gotten compliments on it, I think I shall take it out for a spin again.
Usually I wait to watch SPN eps with my girls, but I'm feeling sick and bored and had no more Castle to watch so I thought 'why not'


SPN 5x16: Darkside of the Moon reaction )
I watched SPN as it was airing. Miracle of Miracles!

here be spoilers )
I unsubscribed myself from almost all of the SPN communities I was on. The only one I kept was [ profile] spngenlove because they have damn good recs and I can trust them. I click on a fic there and I know I won't go screaming for the hills over how bad it is. Or that I'll inadvertently be reading slash or wincest, which can happen very easily with SPN and has happened and has been TRAUMATIZING.

I can barely read SPN fics these days... or at least most SPN fics. I tend to just scroll right past them when I'm checking my flist without giving them a second glance. It has nothing to do with how much I like the show. For the record I adore the show. I think they've been knocking it out of the park in Season 5, that they finally hit their stride in Season 4 and that this is some seriously damn good television. I've been pimping out the show constantly for that matter (Hi lj user="jigglykat">!)

I love SPN, I just HATE Sam Winchester. And it's hard to read fanfiction about a character that makes you spitting mad. I just don't care, I don't care for him in the show, I don't care for him in fic and those that know me will probably corroborate the fact that I would be happiest if this were the Dean, Castiel and Bobby show (Yes, I am THAT person). In fact, I keep requesting fics from [ profile] memphis86 and [ profile] regala_electra that basically consist of 'Sam dies and Dean goes on to live a happy and fulfilled life' seeing as how those fics really don't exist. For the record they laugh at me and I can see them try and squelch their urges to pat my on the head. I understand WHY those fics don't exist and yet I've never claimed my hate is rational.

I am completely and totally irrational in my dislike of this character and all rational arguments about Sam's merits bounce off me like I'm wearing body armor. I can see what the writers of a fic or even of the show are doing and it makes sense but my dislike wells up that's that.

I try to keep quiet about it on LJ as I have friends who do like the character and I do try and respect that. I'm bummed that I can't enjoy SPN fic like I once did, I guess I'll have to stick to watching the show and telling Sam, as I watch the show, how much I dislike him and what an idiot he is. Why yes, I do talk to the TV, much to the amusement of the people I'm watching the show with.

And here this was supposed to be a short little "woe, I unsubscribed and don't read fic anymore" post and turned into a long OMG I HATE SAM post. So very easy for me to do, and I haven't even gotten into my reasons why I don't like this character.

Oh well, guess I'll be sticking to the fics that get recced on the community I mentioned above and the fics from shows with characters I don't hate.
Lucifer Came and He Possessed )
“We come from the same lay of the land, similar family lives, similar upbringings,” added Ackles. “Texas is its own country, you know. Things are just different there. It’s a pride thing. When I moved to L.A., I had a massive Texas flag in my apartment window for more than five years.”


*waves Texas flag*
1. The little brother is officially out of Iraq and only has a few more weeks of being in the Army! This 5 year saga is almost OVER and he can start living again. Finally.

2. The Harlem Globetrotters were staying in our hotel last night. I was waiting for my to-go french fries in the bar and ended up hanging out with one of the players and I think their manager/trainer somebody. I don't know. They were sweet.

3. I am living in mortal fear that the dollar is going to start devaluing and I'm going to be even more broke then I already am just trying to survive in Europe. I keep checking to see how much the dollar has dropped versus the pound and the euro. I'm telling you: MORTAL FEAR. (When the dollar was at 2 to the pound I was DYING. We were doing trips to Scotland and I LOVED Scotland, it's like the land of hot men and I couldn't afford to go. And now we're not doing the trips anymore. *woe*)

4. I really want to read more SPN fic but my sheer utter loathing for Sam Winchester has reached new heights (I am SO SORRY [ profile] mrscutedean I want to like him but I can't and I kinda feel guilty about that!). I can't read SPN fic with him in it. I just get angry and start mocking him, which I've been told is rather hilarious if you're not especially attached to Sam Winchester. This poses a bit of a problem as most SPN fics have him in it.

5. I'd really like to read SGA fic as well for some oddball reason, especially earthside or declassification fic but I don't ship McShep and I seem to be fundamentally incapable of shipping McShep and it seems like all the fics out there based on Earth or about the Stargate Program becoming public feature McShep. WHY?!?!

6. I've been writing Doctor Who fic *gasp*

7. My sleep schedule is all messed up yet again. I blame the person in the room next to me who seems to enjoy having loud phone conversations at 3 in the morning. *hulk!smash*

Fic Recs

Mar. 6th, 2009 02:13 am
I've had these put together and locked for... a hell of a long time. As I an a voracious reader of fic... I figured it's about time I let them loose on the world. So I give to you: Fanfiction Recs! I'll probably keep updating these as I find stuff, in fact I need to add more stuff as it's been awhile since I've added to this and so many great fics have been written in the meantime.

Dark Angel )

Doctor Who )

Farscape )

Pirates of the Caribbean )

Stargate Atlantis )

Stargate SG1 )

Star Wars )

Supernatural )

Crossovers )
My roommate just walked in

Roomie: "so I started watching this really great show... Supernatural..."

I am back from Kuwait. The trip kicked my ass. I did get some of the Super Sekrit Photo Project photos edited, but I kept getting interrupted by curious crew members wanting to know what I was doing and what the pictures were, and of course I'd have to walk them through the entire thing as once they knew what the pictures were the just HAD to know more.

Because of the delay, my layover was shortened and even though I have the new SPN episode I have far too little time to watch and enjoy. Alas, it must wait till Oklahoma. (yes indeedy, I am flying Germany to Maine, Maine to Oklahoma. The exhaustion is going to be EPIC). In the good news scheme of things, we're almost caught up on all of ATA's flights (the ones they can't do because they no longer exist) which means that we go back to doing a flight every other day rather then every day and my German layovers go back to being 48 hours (Berlin, here I come!)

Anyways, the above ramble was just me trying to distract myself from all the lovely posts about 4x03 plastered all over my flist. I know nothing about the episode except that [ profile] regala_electra told me, before it aired, that it looked kinda like the Farscape episode Kansas. I replied that that was lovely, just please let it have some Castiel in it. Because I'm not shallow AT ALL. :)

So yes, no SPN for almost another day *gnashes teeth*
I've had these reaction post commentaries sitting around for a few weeks. Since I'm a freak and didn't bother watching the last 4 episodes of season 3 till about a week before the premiere of season 4, I'm just now posting them.

They are random, spur of the moment type thingies and probably not very coherent. Ah well, such is life :) Oh yeah, I kinda got pissed off at Sam whilst watching this episode. I would not want to subject all the lovely people on my flist (whom adore Sam and who should continue to do so) to my rage without a warning. So consider yourselves warned....

Stripper suffocates dude with thighs! )
I tried to IM [ profile] regala_electra this morning to get date details and she refused to talk to me until I'd watched SPN. I think she's just trying to find ways to keep me from letting SPN eps pile up till I end up over at her house watching 10 episodes (that I have not seen before) at a go.

At this point, I'm sure all the DW people on my flist are rolling their eyes. I need something to keep me entertained until Christmas! And this show has pretties!

I decided to mix up my commentary a bit this time. this time, it's illustrated! That's right, I went through and screencaped that sucker!

So without any further ado:

4x02: Are You There, God. It's Me, Dean Winchester )
Normally I keep my commentary posts under a friends lock to one person only. There is a reason for this. The reason is I do not like Sam and everything I've tried to do to get over this raging hatred has not worked. I tend to lean heavy on the Sam bashing, so word of warning: I have unpopular fandom opinions *g* (although I don't think I was as bad with it as I usually am, which is why this post isn't as friends locked as the rest).

I finally got caught up with this episode. The beginning was fantastic, the middle flagged a bit and the end KNOCKED MY FRICKING SOCKS OFF.

Anyways, if you're vaguely curious as to the things floating through my head whilst watching this ep for the very first time...

I really should try and organize my thoughts because right now they are all over the place!

Holy Crap! And I mean that with an extra helping of Holy! )
This is not a reaction post to SPN 4x01. This is a reaction post to the end of last season.

because I am just that far behind )
A little bit of a back story on this one: I am just now getting caught up on all the TV shows I watch. They're all happily sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to come home, cozy on up to the computer and lose myself in a multitude of different worlds (Heroes, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, Doctor Who and a few shows that have since been canceled like Jake 2.0 and Northern Exposure). Sadly, I get home and I'm usually doing a damn good impersonation of a walking zombie that the most I can manage TV wise is to curl up on the couch, pop in a DVD (I don't get cable TV, or any TV reception for that matter because I hate Time Warner with a burning passion) and tune out.

This is the story of how I finally got caught up on Supernatural. )

My god, it's a beautiful day, I'm in Germany, I should be outside but I'm not and I really don't care - but I feel bad on principle. (I'm in Leipzig too much to be all insane!tourist) But I did just get back from working, so I think I'm justified in spending the quality time with my computer. On an even geekier side note, when I go see the Transformers movie next month (gratuitous violence and explosions yay!) I can now say that the airbase that gets laid waste to in Qatar - Al Udeid - I've been there. Hee!

I mentioned that to some of our impromptu cleaning crew (the freight guys that load the C-130's at Al Udeid got conscripted to clean our plane) and they were all smiles.



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