You know you spend too much time out of the country when you're staying at a hotel in the states and get surprised when people talk to you in english without an accent.

I've also realized that all the Italian I knew 7 years ago has disappeared and the only two words I remember are the words for "excuse me" and "beautiful." Sure beats "I am a pedophile" which is the only phrase of Russian I know (long story. I'll get around to telling it someday.)

Naples tomorrow. Military boys today. Life could be worse.
I'm back in the South!!

*falls to the ground and clutches it tightly*

I could wax lyrical about what a great relief it is to be in the land of southern drawls and hospitality and good mexican food. Unfortunately, I've got no time to spend in Boloxi outside of eating a meal, checking my e-mail and going to sleep. It's up bright and early in the morning to ferry our wonderful military over to Germany (where my trip ends for the next 36 hours) and then onto Kuwait. After doing Africa trips last month this one will be a relief. There's a world of difference between military passengers and commercial passengers. All the military wants it something to eat, something to drink and to be left alone because they will sleep for the entire flight (usually in extremely odd contortions that result in having to clamber over limbs without trying to wake them up - my last flight I ended up with dust all over my pants from their boots from all the clambering)

I'm hoping to get into Berlin and maybe possibly Prague while I'm in Germany. My purser is talking about renting a car and driving into Prague but my mother is telling me that when they were in Germany they had to swear not to take the rental car into the Eastern Bloc, so we shall see what happens (Personally, I like trains. You don't have to deal with parking and driving and all sorts of other hassles.)

Well, I'm off. Gotta get up at 4:30 in the morning. *groans*


Sep. 16th, 2006 07:15 pm
I was lured here under false pretenses!

Here being Colorado, and when my parents told me what we'd be doing it involved camping - which I am more then okay with. Our initial conversations involved me having the tent with the sleeping bag. When I arrived, sometime between departing and arriving, the plans changed and I ended up in my grandparents trailer. I was not too pleased.

There's a huge difference between a trailer and a tent. In my mind, there is nothing like waking up in the morning, all warm and snug in a sleeping bag, poking out your head and feeling a cold blast of air, sunlight filtering through the tent, condensation on its sides, the sounds of the early morning creeping in. It's amazing and I love it but I hardly ever get to experience it anymore. It seems these days that camping seems to be more and more tied with trailers and campers. That's not the way it should be! *sob*

I was tempted to be all defiant and to just lay a sleeping bag out under the stars and shun the trailer completely, but my jet lag got the best of me and I succumbed to the sweet temptation of a bed. I'm so weak.

Living in New York this past year and then coming home to Colorado, which is the state I am originally from, was like a breath of fresh air. I didn't realize just how much I missed the West (and the South for that matter) I can see here - there are mountains in the distance, clouds in the sky and stars at night. Manhattan is stifling by comparison. I'm glad I experienced living on the East Coast though - it made me appreciate where I'm from and made me look forward to going back someday. I don't know when, but someday. I'm having too much fun traveling around the world right now and I don't want to give that up. But I think ultimately, I'll be much happier in the West or the South.
I'm currently in the far away and exotic city of Baltimore (isn't everyone just going oooooohhhhhh at that one? *g*) I have very pretty pics of the Inner Harbor but since I have no image editing software on this laptop (boo) and lots of real estate software instead (bigger boo) no pics for you people. Of course, it's Baltimore so it's not like anyone is all that broken up about it. I'm actually on my way to Accra, Ghana so at least that should be more interesting.

Also, I fell asleep last night to the 4th Doctor "Ark in Space" episodes and they are beyond awesome. Tom Baker is super cool (and Harry seriously needs a slap upside the head from Sarah Jane). I've only seen the 9th and 10th Doctor episodes but I could definitely see where David Tennant was channeling a bit of the 4th Doctor in some of his performances. But then again he's just a giant fanboy so I guess that's to be expected. The most awesome aspect of the episode was the bubble wrap monsters. Seriously, creating a monster out of obviously spray painted bubble wrap is teh awesome. Of course I fell asleep before I could see the ending (I'm sick, it sucks) but still- Bubble Wrap Monsters YAY!



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