First of all, I'm not even sure how to really start this post. It contains... well, it's a bit more graphic... hell. It's completely graphic, and most definitely deserves an adult rating due to descriptions of certain... acts ...that were witnessed in a seedy club in Thailand.

I hadn't intended to post about this. It got a passing mention in my last post about Thailand, but [ profile] nariya asked for details and well, I'm stuck in a hotel room with internet that's cutting off every few minutes so, here they are, the details. In all their nitty gritty glory.

This post is not safe for innocent eyes and contains descriptions of acts of a sexual nature. So click if you want to read all about the sex shows that are a big part of the Thai tourist culture )
Meh. It's 6 in the morning in Germany and I woke up at 4. This would not be a bad thing if I was actually ferrying an empty plane home and would be able to sleep the entire time. But alas, I have to actually work.

Because I will be missing the Doctor Who freak out scheduled for later today, I went ahead and bought two Doctor Who audiobooks because they are narrated by David Tennant. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a freak but my shot nerves (thanks bunches RTD!) mean I need something soothing.

Also, my Flickr photos of the Gibbon got spammed by someone making assumptions without asking me questions about them first and this really annoys me. I really wish people would find out the facts before they started pointing fingers.
I ended up in Thailand a few weeks ago. It was a complete and total fluke. I was supposed to spend my layover in Germany but my company felt that my time was better spent in the lovely country of Thailand.

They got absolutely no complaints out of me.

The only issues came up when we discovered that they had reserved rooms for us at the airport hotel in Bangkok (or should I say 45 minutes outside of Bangkok and surrounded by absolutely nothing). This would not do.

I ended up being the lucky duck who got to unravel our unfortunate hotel situation. Multiple calls later from Germany and Qatar and we finally convinced them to let us stay with the pilots in a little place called Pattaya, an hour and a half east of Bangkok, in the Hard Rock Hotel.

The Group

Where I rode elephants, played with a monkey, rode in an ox cart, ate a bug and went to a sex show. )


Jan. 26th, 2008 11:01 pm
I have arrived in Bangkok!

I don't want this trip to end! WAH.

in Review:

1. I just had a Thai massage. I currently have no bones. mmmmmm.

2. There was a baby elephant on the street. They wouldn't let me take a picture unless I paid. Boo.

3. The food on this trip has been AMAZING. I just had marinated prawns (they had eyeballs and were looking at me) and whilst in Japan I partook of broiled eel.

4. In Guam (on my birthday!), I went snorkeling over a coral reef

5. The fish were just as interested in me as I was in them and had to shoo a few away from getting too cozy.

6. We almost went to see a sex show but my dirty bastard of a Captain (Goddamn I love that man) got screwed over by scheduling and had to go back to the hotel because they only had 10 hours here.

7. I don't want to leave!



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