I have made it to Germany! Again... yay?

There is a chance I may be going to Berlin on the next layover although I'm starting to think that it's going to end up being Sunday and Germany is worse then the south when it comes to closing EVERYTHING down and giving people no options to do anything.

Another thing... why do Germans love the mullet so much? And also, I need a Germany icon. Just because I'm here more then anywhere else.

And another thing, my PC is starting to overheat and it's driving me NUTS. I desperately want to go back to having a Mac as this thing is a piece of crap.

AND there was eye candy on the flight. Huzzah!
1. The little brother is officially out of Iraq and only has a few more weeks of being in the Army! This 5 year saga is almost OVER and he can start living again. Finally.

2. The Harlem Globetrotters were staying in our hotel last night. I was waiting for my to-go french fries in the bar and ended up hanging out with one of the players and I think their manager/trainer somebody. I don't know. They were sweet.

3. I am living in mortal fear that the dollar is going to start devaluing and I'm going to be even more broke then I already am just trying to survive in Europe. I keep checking to see how much the dollar has dropped versus the pound and the euro. I'm telling you: MORTAL FEAR. (When the dollar was at 2 to the pound I was DYING. We were doing trips to Scotland and I LOVED Scotland, it's like the land of hot men and I couldn't afford to go. And now we're not doing the trips anymore. *woe*)

4. I really want to read more SPN fic but my sheer utter loathing for Sam Winchester has reached new heights (I am SO SORRY [livejournal.com profile] mrscutedean I want to like him but I can't and I kinda feel guilty about that!). I can't read SPN fic with him in it. I just get angry and start mocking him, which I've been told is rather hilarious if you're not especially attached to Sam Winchester. This poses a bit of a problem as most SPN fics have him in it.

5. I'd really like to read SGA fic as well for some oddball reason, especially earthside or declassification fic but I don't ship McShep and I seem to be fundamentally incapable of shipping McShep and it seems like all the fics out there based on Earth or about the Stargate Program becoming public feature McShep. WHY?!?!

6. I've been writing Doctor Who fic *gasp*

7. My sleep schedule is all messed up yet again. I blame the person in the room next to me who seems to enjoy having loud phone conversations at 3 in the morning. *hulk!smash*
A few points...

1. Australia was AMAZING.

2. I was packed for Alaska in Winter, not Australia in summer. I lugged a down jacket with fur lining around the world and never used it.

3. Now I'm lugging around a big ass Didgeridoo. I look fairly ridiculous.

4. I have been asked the "so what do you think of outcome of the American election?" far too many times by non-americans on this trip. They all seem to expect me to exhibit massive amounts of squee and act like its the bestest thing evar. I've stunned more then a few people with my big mouth and lack of squee. I am not sorry.

5. I'm out of money. I was not expecting that to happen. I had to dip into my pile of foreign currency and change Euro and Yen so I can eat tomorrow...

6. I've taken over a thousand photos whilst on a 6 day trip. The thought of going through them strikes fear into my heart.

7. The Halloween Photo Project photos have been delayed a bit because of this.

8. I have a gazillion comments I have to make/reply to, some from weeks back.

9. My brother is home from Iraq. He's still a bit of a jackass when he's tired, but I'm seeing him in two days for the first time in months!

10. I've managed to avoid the yearly pilgrimage to Wichita, Kansas for the past 6 years to see my grandparents. Apparently I won't be missing out on it this year.

The Blahs

Oct. 29th, 2008 11:27 pm
I am exhausted. Having spent the past two days packing like crazy.

I am still not done. Where does all this stuff come from?! I swear to god my stuff got in this apartment and started breeding.

It doesn't help that the last time I used movers they lost some of my stuff so I've been documenting everything and slapping multiple labels with all my contact information on everything. Overkill is a good word for it but seeing as how half my stuff consists of antiques. And not just any old antiques, but passed down from mother to daughter antiques... I'm erring on the side of caution.

Can it be Friday already?

Also, it seems we will no longer be interacting with one side of my family anymore. Not that we did much to begin with but there was a straw, and that straw broke the camels back. That straw: this current election.

So yeah, at least now I can quit pretending I cared.

Wow that was callous.

Screw it, I'm taking a break and watching Pushing Daisies.
I've spent all day in bed sick. Which is just fabulous as I'm down in Texas to hopefully get a physical done so I can progress to the next stage of my insane little project. Completely ironic that.

If I do manage to get that physical in before I have to be back in New York this cold had better be gone.

On the upside, me spending all that time napping was like Christmas to my cat. She likes nothing better then to snuggle up next to someone and sleep the day away. So, at least someone was happy.

In other news, I start Ground School tomorrow and on top of that my mom has started blogging. My MOTHER is blogging.

That is... frightening. And not only does she have a blog- she has three blogs.

It's just... completely and totally bizarre. Especially when she pops up with comments like "I should write about that on my blog" and "someone left me a comment on my blog about..."
A few things...

1. One of the pilots I work with has decided that he is my personal cheer leader when it comes to pursuing this crazy Air Force dream.

2. I am so grateful for his support because my family and the rest of my friends really have no concept of what this is like.

3. I have yet to tell The Boy over in Afghanistan about this crazy idea. I should get around to that, as the sooner I tell him the sooner I can get his mocking out of the way (The Air Force is universally mocked by the Army and Marine Corps)

4. In order to prepare for the Officer Candidacy School Test I've had to buy a basic math workbook because it's been 6 years.

5. The Russian man sitting next to me on the flight from Frankfurt to JFK kept looking at my math workbook and telling me "but that's easy!"

6. Which really made me feel like an idiot when 3 of the problems completely stumped me and I spent half the flight trying to figure them out.

7. I am going to Winchestercon if it kills me (Because who knows when I'll see all the wonderful people I met last year and have yet to meet again)

8. I go to Acapulco tomorrow for a 30 hour layover.

Who Knew?

Mar. 10th, 2008 05:48 pm
Bosnia has troops stationed in Iraq.

I had no idea this was so until we landed in Sarajevo and picked them up.

In other news, I've been very quite in the LJ front as quite a bit is going on and being topsy turvy in life and I don't want to jinx anything by actually talking about it.

The little bro also left last night for his second tour in Iraq. May it pass quickly.

Now, I must sleep
True Porn Clerk Stories isn't my normal internet surfing fair but it looks like it's going to keep me giggling for quite some time (and for all ya'll raising an eyebrow... it's not actually porn and no one is going to be running away screaming for brain bleach. Actually, you might want brain bleach, but not because there were any pictures involved - just good writing.)

In a related note: I have to get up quite early for a flight to Topeka, Kansas so keep your fingers crossed that my next door neighbors decide to just sleep rather then engage in "nighttime extracurricular activities". I've never met my neighbor, but I know she's a moaner. Oh, I also know that her mattress has shitty springs and the headboard of her bed is too close to the wall.

These are things I never wanted to know....
a look at our past/seventeen syllables and/three lines at a time )
I'm way behind in posting... Still have all the Wincon stuff to get to, the date with The Boy in Pittsburgh (much fun) and various and other sundry things but the fact that I have a report time of 3 in the morning for work on the 29th (so must adjust the sleep schedule accordingly) and the fact that I erased EVERY SINGLE THING on my computer yesterday kind of has me in a tizzy.

I'm currently battling away with The Mini Beast (the 30 gig IPod) to get stuff loaded, but in the meantime one of my photos was chosen by Schmap.com to go into their online guide of Dublin, Ireland. Yay!

If you're at all curious - it can be found here

Marsh's Library, btw, is absolutely amazing and if you're ever in Dublin, please go see it.


Aug. 27th, 2007 08:24 am
I seem to be posting in one week increments.

Nothing much to report other then that yes, I am still alive. No that there was any doubt or anything... Just stuck in Landstuhl Germany and hanging out on the internet as I tried to take a relaxing walk earlier which just so happened to coincide with school getting out. My not so relaxing walk turned into a lesson as to why I'm no longer in school and why it would be a BAD idea to go back.

Anyhow... I am past due for a picture post, I should really go cobble one of those together...



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