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I haven't done a picspam of my own photos in... awhile. These photos are from 2008. It's taken my THAT LONG to get them edited. They're photos of abandoned farms and cow sheds from the town I live in in Texas. The area used to be a lot more rural then it is now, sadly the suburbs have made it out that way and so much of this will soon be turned into cookie cutter housing.

Rural Texas Exploration Photos )


Sep. 30th, 2009 09:57 pm

This post amuses the hell out of me.

I've tried explaining mums to people before but there's really no way to accurately describe THE CRAZY that is the Homecoming Mum.

And yeah... I have one. It's small, has no bells and no lights but I have it. Packed in a box in the attic with my letter jacket. Oh high school: I'm so glad you're over.

Went back to the Brazos Bend State Park today. Alas, we did not see as many Gators as last time. Possibly because we were there at 5 pm and it was still OMG SO HOT. If I were a Gator I'd probably be hanging out somewhere cool and wet instead of scaring the crap out of tourists.

I also keep wanting to call them Crocs. I blame this on the time I spent in Australia at Crocosaurus Cove. I know they aren't Crocs, but for some reason that's the word that keepings coming out. Ooops.

Also, was watching BBC America and all the previews for Torchwood and Doctor Who were ruining my happy place of THE BAD THINGS DO NOT EXIST. I am an ostrich. I stick my head in the sand and ignore ignore ignore, having promos but in front of me ruins my whole ostrich shtick and makes me acknowledge certain things about my beloved show. These are things I do not want to acknowledge...
Hanger On

I took a trip to the Mercer Arboretum with my new macro lenses the other day and thought I'd share some of the flowers...

Also, this post is extremely image heavy. I had a very hard time picking out pictures as I was SO pleased with how they came out so there are a lot of pictures below that there cut.

Some Spring Flowers )
With my mother visiting me here in Queens, I finally got to see pictures of what Hurricane Ike did to our neighborhood. She'd told me beforehand that I came very close to not having my truck anymore. I brushed if off as a 'she must be exaggerating' type of thing. Then I saw the pictures

Hurrican Ike: A Close Call

HOLY CRAP! That is my truck. And that is the massive tree that came a foot away from crushing my truck! *MASSIVE FLAIL*

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I have made it to Texas!

I walked off the plane and had the overwhelming urge to fall on the floor and kiss the ground. But I didn't because it was Houston International Airport and that would have been beyond disgusting.

Anyways, my dad is packing up the AK-47 and my great-grandfather's 20-30 (which was the gun he fought with in World War I) so we're going to go off to the rifle range and fire off some shots before I have to make it to College Station for the interview




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