This is a bit belated since I intended to post it on the 1st. Being out of the country and working threw a wrench in that idea.

So I tend to read quite a bit. In 2008 I managed to read 57 books. I didn't hit nearly that number this year, topping out at 42, but the books I did read were a bit bigger and denser then last year so that makes up for it yes?

2009 Book List )
The Super Sekrit Photo Project is edited! *collapses*

It came out to 137 photos out of over 200. Now just to export and upload the suckers, which is an epic undertaking in and of itself...

I'm so very proud that I got these edited within a month of taking them. I have over 5,000 photos in my photo file. Only around 2,000 of these are actually edited, tagged and properly named. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up on some of that backlog and start focusing on the Halloween Photo Project.

Also, is it sad that part of the reason why I read hard to understand, complicated books (besides the fact that I enjoy them) are the expressions on my coworkers faces every time they pick my book up and look at it?

That happened so much on this last trip and it cracked me up every time!


Mar. 21st, 2007 01:11 pm
I'm missing Neil Gaiman's book signing in Leipzig, Germany by three days. He'll be there on the 22nd, I'll be there on the 25th.

Life is not fair.


The UPS guy needs to get to my door right now and give me my package! Getting this stuff has turned into a never ending nightmare. My Job hates me. seriously.
I just realized that I've managed to finish three 800 page books in three days. *grrrr* I just had to go and get myself hooked. (The Wheel of Time series is beyond awesome btw *g*)

I think I shall go crawl back into my hole and see if I can make it four 800 page books in 4 days...



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