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Finally finally finally getting caught up on SG1 and SGA now that I'm back home.

SGA 3x04: Sateda )
There will come a day when I'll actually be home on Friday and will be able to see SGA and SG1 when they air instead of 4 days after. Woe. Two more days and I'll be able to watch. Until then I am cut off from the pretty that is Ronon. *sniff*

I'm just glad the show is getting back to something serious after 'Irresistable' Ugh. SGA shouldn't try to do cute and funny. It's not a good look for them.

Until such time, I'm going to be stuck reminding myself that it's NEVER a good idea to tell pilots you don't drink because they will make it a mission to see that you do. I've had more alcohol in the past 2 days then I've had in the past 6 months, athough [ profile] raelala can probably say that that's not all that much. Oh yeah, Rae, they made me do tequila shots. Aren't you proud? And that alcohol I promised to get you is called Amarula. I still don't know how it tastes though, but we shall see.

I shall post some pretty pics when I get back, but this internet connection is slow as mud.
Please let the cable install go smoothly. Please Please let me have an internet connection tonight (not that I'll be able to use it since I'll be painting)

THANK GOD I bought the paint last night when the buses were still running. Me trucking two gallons of paint across Manhattan was not a fun prospect. Of course, this whole strike is throwing a kink into everyone's plans. Way to go- crippling the city like that.


At least I have Stargate Atlantis eps on my comp that I have yet to watch. *happy thoughts*
Dilemma: Do I pack my stuff when I get home or do I watch all the episodes of Stargate Atlantis that I spent all weekend downloading.

I could get ahead and be on time and not be stressed out when it comes time to move. Or I could wallow in the John Sheppard/Atlantis love.



Dec. 5th, 2005 04:16 am
The space battle at the end of The Seige Part 2 has just sealed my love for this show. Or city battle I should say. The creators and the people in charge of animation were definitly looking at footage of modern day city warfare.

Space battles take me to a happy place. Is that weird?

One of the few redeaming feature of Serenity for example was the space battle at the very end. Most beautiful and engaging battle I've ever seen.

Be still my geeky heart.
I LOVE Stargate Atlantis.

I bought Season 1 and holy crap I love it.

I'm about ready to jump Major Sheppard. Love him. Love him. Love him.



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