Happy Birthday

One of my favorite people has a birthday today! Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra. You are the best!
I feel like I'm repeating 2006: I spent New Years in Kuwait and my birthday in Guam.

This year I spent New Years in Kuwait and I will be in Guam only a week before my birthday. Close enough right?

Tumon Bay, Guam

I'm ready for my tropical island interlude...
Car Wash

My little brother turns 24 today. So I thought I'd be nice and wish him Happy Birthday. Not that he's ever going to read this and I'd be mortified if he ever did... but, its the thought that counts right?

The above picture was me not being nice. (What are big sisters for right?) I poured Doctor Pepper down the side of his car (It was an accident I swear!) and he ended up washing it off with his friends hoodie because that car is his bebeh.
Guess who's going to Colorado for their birthday next month!

Yup, that's right, ME! *squee*

I just used my miles to get my tickets and come the 22nd of January I'm off to Denver. My Aunt is bringing me skiing as she owns a house in Vail and is paying for my ski ticket.

I am SO EXCITED!! ZOMG. Sadly there will be no internet access (she lives in the stone age) but for a house in Vail and a paid for ski ticket...

*bounces around*

Now I just have to arrange my work schedule in such a way that they can't screw it up so I miss my flight *glares in their general direction*



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