Air New Zealand came out with a new safety video. This makes me happy on so many levels because they always do weird, fun things with their videos and more airlines should take a page out of their book (Like my airline, for example. Our video was made in the late 90's - early 00's and it SHOWS. We've had people laugh at it before and it deserves it. I'd rather do a manual brief in the aisle before playing that thing...) But Air New Zealand - I love you guys and your stupid sense of humor.

The Newest One:

Richard Simmons may be a little annoying, but I couldn't help but be amused.

Cut for MOAR videos (with less Richard Simmons and more Nekkidness) )

I don't normally go for infomercials, but I would totally order one of these!

So that Christmas Special thing for that show I love... )

In other news, my brother's girlfriend made me a fleecy throw blanket covered with robots for Christmas. HE NEEDS TO MARRY HER BECAUSE I TOTALLY APPROVE.

The safety briefings on my flights would be ten times more bearable if only my company had a fraction of the creativity that Air New Zealand seems to have...

I want an AT-AT
elleflies: (DW: Underwear Inspector)

This is AMAZING. The All By Myself just KILLS ME.
I was hoping to post about Russell Tovey but have ended up with a cold and was only capable of dragging myself off to bed and crashing hard. Even whilst one of my roommates got ready to go to Lagos and freaked out over catching Malaria (I think she has a cold. She thinks she has malaria. I'm hoping she's just being paranoid and that I'm right).


Anything this man creates just makes me ridiculously happy. Worth getting out of bed for.

I think this video pretty much sums up what I've been doing for the past few weeks. Also, it's really pretty.

This video makes me ridiculously happy. Two of my favorite things: mashed together.

I posted this in the comments of my last post, but seeing as how I've been dragged off to the Homoepathy people by my mother... It seemed appropriate.

I did not get my chicken sacrifices, but it felt much the same.

The whole thing was bizarre: They assess your health by asking questions and pushing down on your outstretched arm. Apparently your body tells them what they need to know based on your arm going down or not. I am not sure what the hell happened but they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I knew I wasn't getting enough vitamins so my mother stocking up on them based on what they told us wasn't so awful.

It still seemed like witch magic though... Then again, what do I know?
What a face

I've been tagging photos all day and feel wrecked. I can totally sympathize with the face on this fish.

Tomorrow my mother drags me to her Homeopathic medicine people. I'm going to be completely crushed if there is no sacrificing of animals and dancing around their spilled blood.

This video made my morning. For it is full of Lulz and John Barrowman happy hands. The thing is, I'm pretty sure someone made this, but I could totally see John doing it for the lulz.

I totally need to get an icon of John Barrowman being fabulous.

This video is completely awesome and I totally approve.

United does suck anyways. :)

This managed to brighten up my day a bit.

I've been pestering [ profile] regala_electra for a few days now about watching a few YouTube videos the boy showed me whilst I was in Pittsburgh. I'm supposed to e-mail them to her but they're full of hot scottishness so I'm being nice and sharing.

click here for hot Scottisness )



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