Christmas Lights

I wanted to write tonight but after working every day since the 1st (I'm not counting layovers as 'being off') I'm too exhausted to think.

Pictures will just have to speak for me.
Elle: Bathtime

Last time I was home I took my life in my hands and gave the cat a bath.

Can you feel her rage?
Stargate SG1

Just a random photo from DragonCon... I think this pretty much sums up how that panel went.

Chris Judge... is AMAZING. (So is Ben Browder, but I've known that about him for awhile)
I'm blaming my lack of posting on general exhaustion. Not much of an excuse... but it's my excuse :)

Anyhoo, I visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in April and took in the exhibit they had on Flight Attendants... oh wait. Stewardesses.

I'm so glad the requirements have changed since the "Golden Age of flight"

Girls Wanted

5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet, 6 inches
21 to 26 years old
135 pounds maximum
Attractive,"Just below Hollywood standards"
Height and weight in proportion,
Single women only, not married, divorced or widowed
Plenty of personality and poise
Registered nurse or two years of college
I think New York City is trying to send me a Doctor Who related message through graffiti...

See for yourself... )
Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle

This is what happens when I'm out on a trip: I'm too exhausted to actually string words together and make a post so I just end up spamming everyone with photos...

I've not yet made it out of bed even though it's 5:30 pm in Germany so I thought I'd go with something cute and slow from my most recent upload batch...
Off to War

With all that's going on in Kyrgyzstan lately, I thought I'd post a photo from the last time I was there (last month). It was just a turn out of Bucharest and we didn't leave the plane, but I did get a few good shots of the troops loading up.
elleflies: (Photography: Camera Click)

I spent four and a half hours tooling around in the frequent flyer lounge in Frankfurt waiting for my flight and I actually got some photo editing done.

I'm counting this as a minor miracle.

On the up side, I was upgraded from a middle seat in couch to business class for the flight over the pond. :)

It's back to Germany for me and amazingly enough Lufthansa is so full I couldn't change my seat when I check in last night. I will be crossing the Atlantic in a middle seat. *sobs*

On the upside I did see How to Train Your Dragon last night.

Cats Vs. Dogs

She's not quite figured this new dog out...
elleflies: (Photography: Camera Click)
1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II

Just because I finally got these car photos uploaded...
elleflies: (Military: Tank Sign)
Going Over There...

Normally when I do the Dallas - Leipzig flights the entire plane enters a coma and 240 soldiers drift off into sleepy oblivion. Not so with my last flight. I have never seen a group so awake.

Granted, the picture above is from a flight a few years ago, but the goofing off and giggling was the same as the flight today.
Mesosaurus braziliensis

I just uploaded SO many pictures from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was a lovely museum but I wish more money went to the exhibits that did not have to do with Energy. It's clear when you go through the museum where Houston's priorities are.

The rest of the Houston Museum of Natural Science photos can be found here

All I've been doing for the past 4 days is photo editing and watching old First Doctor eps. Even the "missing" ones. I never realized just how many First Doctor episodes there were until I attempted to watch them...

I'm halfway through Season 3 and the Doctor has just gone through 5 female companions. And I thought Ten was bad...
What a face

I've been tagging photos all day and feel wrecked. I can totally sympathize with the face on this fish.

Tomorrow my mother drags me to her Homeopathic medicine people. I'm going to be completely crushed if there is no sacrificing of animals and dancing around their spilled blood.
elleflies: (Photography: Camera Click)

I took this on my last ferry flight. We flew an empty plane from Guam to Seattle and then Seattle to JFK. I'm buddies with the one of the pilots and got to sit up in the cockpit for our approach and landing. I love flying over the city, you really can get some fabulous views.
Torn Apart

The Galveston Seawall is looking a little rough in places...
Stone Cairn

I'm on day... 8 of an 11 day trip and am bored bored bored. Hence the posting of random pics. Or picture, in the singular sense.

I hope everyone is having a much more interesting time then I!
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Been awhile since I posted pictures... Today seems like a good day for a random one.

Oh Woe

Aug. 4th, 2009 10:49 pm
I did not sleep at all last night. I intended too, I laid down and as soon as I was about to drift off one of my roommates walked in and flipped on the lights. Which was horribly rude as there were two people in the room sleeping and she knew we were in there. This is why I use a flashlight to get around the room when it's late and people are sleeping. So yeah, no sleep due to the roommate and then reporting in to work at 4:25 in the morning in order to fly to Dallas. Great fun was had by all.

I took a nap this afternoon and when my clock went off I woke up absolutely convinced that I had to get ready for work and I'd slept throughout the entire night when in reality it was 4pm and we don't show up for work till 2 pm tomorrow.

To top things off there's a Supervisor on my flight, which means I can't read any books during the hours and hours of down time we have crossing the Atlantic. I figured I'd tool around in my notebook a bit or maybe draw something but one of my coworkers informed me that this particular Supervisor once wrote her up for doing Sudoku in her spare time on the flight. Which means US Weekly and InStyle here I come. I can already feel my brains dribbling out my ears.

And just because we stumbled across this the other day and were amused by it:
If wishes were horses...

This is not the first time I have heard that particular wish expressed by New Yorkers (especially when talking about the Times Square area...)
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Lady Killer

This is my most viewed photo on Flickr today with 45 individual views. Which is odd as its been up for a few months with maybe 20 views in that course of time.

A Lamborghini is what you're likely to stumble upon if you walk through the Meat Packing District. The day I took this picture we ran across two more Lamborghini's a Ferrari and a Classic Mustang. Clearly New York City is feeling the recession pinch.

Also, good god have I slept today. I slept on the 9 and a half hour flight crossing the Atlantic, I slept when I got in and I took a nap this afternoon and I'm still tired for when I'll need to sleep tonight. Bizarre.



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