I ended up being pretty lucky in the flights I got before I quit. For a good two months I went wonderful places - it still wasn't enough to make me happy with my job. I was THRILLED with the destinations but not so much with the actual working part of it.

The month before I quit I did two separate trips to Venice. Well... technically Aviano which is an hour away from Venice but thankfully Europe has embraced this magical traveling machine called a train. We went into Venice three times. I took way too many photos.

Book Store Cat

Venice pictures below the cut. VERY image heavy )
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I had a... hellish trip a few weeks ago. Granted, I got to spend an extra day in Venice so I shouldn't complain but by the time the trip was over and I got to the hotel I'd been up for over 30 hours. Never fun.

Thankfully we ended up in Tampa, Florida. Tampa... where my darling [livejournal.com profile] caithream lives and thankfully she was fine with me spending the next day and a half with her. Tampa is actually... REALLY pretty and I got so many great pictures.


Pretty Pretty Pictures Below the Cut )
Wow. It's been awhile since I posted.

I'd blame work but it's not been terribly busy. Instead I've been hanging about twiddling my thumbs on reserve and slowly going crazy. I've not been home to Houston in about... five months so my headspace right now isn't terribly good. When you spend that long going from bunk bed to couch to hotel room... lets just say I wouldn't advise it.

I'm leaving for Frankfurt (ugh. Again) today and thought I'd dig my head out of the sand long enough to post some pretty pictures.

Tooling around London on my second day there was basically all about knocking out the super touristy things: The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey... All the iconic stuff.

Yay pictures of things in London I've always seen on TV! )
After five years of almost constant travel all over the globe, I finally made it to London!

Granted, I never would have gone if David Tennant hadn't decided that he wanted to do Much Ado About Nothing with Catherine Tate and while that wasn't my entire reason for going, it sure was the catalyst.

I am completely indebted to [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals who didn't seem to mind when a loud Texan took up residence on her floor. I don't think I could have pulled off this London excursion without her.

Hi Ho London Below )

Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate )

I may have taken WAY too many photos. AKA Warning: Image Heavy! )
The empty field near the hotel we stay at in Leipzig Germany was mowed the other day and I couldn't figure out why they were suddenly concerned with how it looks.

Turns out the Circus was in town.

I am NEVER going to this circus )
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I am slowly but surely talking myself into leaving my job. I have to FIND another job first but at least I'm putting together a resume.

I may be getting sick again... which is just another mark against my current job. It runs me down too much. I am constantly exhausted from flying and would love to live in a world where jetlag is a distant memory. If I really am getting sick, this is the THIRD time this year when I normally only come down with a mild cold about once a year. Ugh.

There are upsides to my current job... not many, but a few.

Such as my last flight... the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on was a passenger on that flight. Every time he walked through the galley he left swooning flight attendants, both male and female, in his wake. Even one of our pilots, who as far as I know is very straight, as he was walking to the back of the plane did a double take over this man's beauty.

He was also a Marine. OF COURSE HE WAS. They are always the prettiest.

I don't know what it is about the Marine Corp but they always have the best looking troops. (If you want good looking military guys Recon Marines and Army Special Forces are the best places to look. Also... the French military. Good God it's like the French have a hotness quota they need to fill.)

On a more shallow note... does anyone know why there are no Rory action figures? I've been hoping they'd come out with one since there are a gazillion Amys and Elevens but there seems to be no Rory on the horizon... My Doctor Who action figure collection is bereft without him.

You'd think they'd get on that... Hell, you can buy a goo pod filled with DISMEMBERED BITS OF THE DOCTOR, but no Rory.

Secondly... Who comes up with these ideas? Collect dismembered bits of the Doctor? WHAT?
My Canon Rebel XTI finally crapped out on me. I went to the Bronx Zoo a few days ago and took over a thousand photos. I'm going to be lucky if even 25% of them are worth keeping. It's been coming on for awhile... photos have been getting grainier and grainer and blur has started creeping in. I've been taking pictures with a DSLR for almost five years now. I know how to take a picture and when you compare the settings I took the picture at to the picture itself... something was definitely wrong.

Wrong to the point that looking at my photos was an extremely depressing experience that made me question my ability as a photographer.

The thought of going to London next month with a camera that MIGHT take a good picture was a bit of a let down as well. This all culminated in Kingston, Jamaica as I frantically skyped with my mother and [livejournal.com profile] raelala and pretty much unburdened myself on them (I apparently had repressed camera woes).

My mom, being the amazing wonderful person she is, agreed to loan me the money to buy a new camera (and by loan, I have to pay her back. Ah adulthood...)


I've not actually taken any pictures with it yet... the battery is charging but it's amazing and wonderful and beautiful!

Since I don't have any photos from the new camera to bombard you with... I'm posting some of the last photos I took with the Rebel (barring the Bronx Zoo photos because I'm having some ISSUES with those)

I have no excuse for this picspam really. They're just photos of my room at my parent's place in Texas because I cleaned it and OMG I MUST COMMEMORATE IT'S CLEANLINESS WITH PHOTOS.

Plus... I find it fascinating to see where people live. I can't be the only one )
So... That show I love aired tonight.

I took time off work (what a saga that's been. They've called me twice - today and yesterday trying to get me to work and both time's I've not picked up. I'm out of town and on my off days. LEAVE ME ALONE. Plus, Boston with [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat.)

Boston, [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat and the Doctor Who premiere. I'VE HAD A REALLY GOOD WEEKEND - We've sat on her couch and engaged in the fangirl flappy hands dance many times (We've also watched The Romans and The Time Warrior so it's been a Who-ish kind of weekend)

Thoughts on The Impossible Astronaut. )
I've been listening to the Eighth Doctor Big Finish Audios - in order, as they're actually following arcs and referencing previous audio's and I finally got to Zagreus and Scherzo.

Now, Zagreus was trippy good fun, but I'm still not sure what the fuck was going on with Scherzo. It was good. I think. Well, as far as I can tell. It was just very strange. There, that's it - it was very strange.

Mainly, I just came away from Scherzo with the desire to sit Rob Shearman down and give him a good long talk about how drugs are bad and how one shouldn't write under their influence.

Cut for more ramblings about a Big Finish Audio most of my flist has probably NEVER even heard of )
Air New Zealand came out with a new safety video. This makes me happy on so many levels because they always do weird, fun things with their videos and more airlines should take a page out of their book (Like my airline, for example. Our video was made in the late 90's - early 00's and it SHOWS. We've had people laugh at it before and it deserves it. I'd rather do a manual brief in the aisle before playing that thing...) But Air New Zealand - I love you guys and your stupid sense of humor.

The Newest One:

Richard Simmons may be a little annoying, but I couldn't help but be amused.

Cut for MOAR videos (with less Richard Simmons and more Nekkidness) )
Let me talk for a bit about Noel Fielding and HOW UTTERLY AMAZING HE IS.

So Comic Relief in the UK has a Celebrity Let's Dance thing. And it is AMAZING.

First, there was his intro for Round One:

Oh Noel. I love your version of "mainstream".

The rest is behind a cut because, hi, I'm crazy for this man )

All my photo plans in Maui were completely ruined when I ended up sick in Oahu - Waikiki specifically. I've been there... more times than I can count and found that it wasn't a bad place to be sick in, especially when you're familiar with the area. I spent four days laid up in a hotel room and finally managed, on the last day, to get out of the room and take a stroll with my camera. I only spent about two hours at the beach - enough time to enjoy the sunset before heading back to the room to crash.

As annoying as I find Waikiki, it has been a good source of photos and I did get a few good ones. Silver linings right?

Photos from my one excursion along the beach )
My last trip was truly terrible. After a truly hellish two day stay in Maine we made it to Kansas City and were supposed to jump on a Delta flight to New York. Except they canceled it. So we got tickets for an American Airlines flight. Except they had a mechanical problem and had to wait for a part. So we got tickets for a Continental flight. Except they got a three hour ATC delay.

All told we got back to NYC at 10pm. We were supposed to get back at 3pm if there hadn't been so many problems. I ended up staying up over 24 hours and by the end of that day had a bit of a tickle in my throat. It's since bloomed into a full blown cold.

This is the second time I've been sick this year. IT'S NOT FAIR. I usually get sick once a year, not twice in a barely three month period. Then again, almost everyone I know is sick, so my chances of staying healthy were slim to begin with.

Hopefully I can medicate this thing to hell and back and be feeling better by the time I get to Maui. THAT'S RIGHT: two layovers in Maui. So of course I have to be sick because I'm not allowed nice things.

Right now I'm stuck in Canada where everyone has been extremely polite. It's like there's a stereotype or something! Even the customs and immigrations people were nice. That just... DOES NOT HAPPEN. I've never met friendly customs and immigrations people. One of them even apologized for the weather. Oh Canada, WHY SO NICE?

I got pulled out to go through a further customs and immigration check where they apparently access your records to see if you've got any dirty laundry. So of course I'm standing there thinking 'my records are clean but there's probably a big fat note that says LIBERTARIAN TEXAS NUTJOB and I'll never be let in the country' Thankfully they never did figure that part out and it was out into the OMGCOLDWTF.


The upside of being sick is that I've been laying around on whatever surface I can find: couch, airplane seats, bed... listening to Big Finish Audios. My Tenth Doctor rewatch kind of got derailed right before Human Nature simply because I listened to one of the Paul McGann audios with Sheridan Smith and have been mainlining them like crazy ever since. The Eighth Doctor is AMAZING. Well, he is if you ignore the movie. The audios really do more justice to him than the movie even attempted. Plus, Paul McGann can croon into my ear any day *is not shallow at all*
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I made a mistake and forgot what Bangor, Maine was like. I'M SORRY. I'LL NEVER FORGET AGAIN. Someone please save me!

This flight had better not be delayed, I want out! I'm sure it's a lovely town, but I've only ever been here in winter and it EXPLAINS SO MUCH ABOUT STEPHEN KING.

There are kids running up and down the halls of this hotel screaming and the urge to string fishing line between my door and the one across from it at ankle height is running high. Not that I would or anything, but one can dream!

My mother thinks me having children is a good thing. Clearly she is delusional.

Having found out I've just got back from vacation all my coworkers have been asking "so what did you do? Where did you go?." They clearly expect some answer like: "I went to the beach!" or something just as vapid. Not that there's anything wrong with going to the beach - my vacation choices just seem to be rather more eccentric... Whenever I say "Doctor Who Convention" (because I own up to my obsessions yo) more than one of them has heard "Doctor's Appointment" and has been horrified on my behalf. Then I get to explain what exactly Doctor Who is and they end up being even more horrified.

I've yet to meet a coworker who knows what this show is, and considering how nosy my coworkers are... I've been doing way too much explaining. It doesn't help that I'm reading a Doctor Who book called "Running Through Corridors" so of course they want to know what I'm reading which leads to even more explaining and even more horror, especially if I get so far into my explanation that I end up telling them about the missing episodes and the fact that I've watched what's left of them. (There's not much to talk about on long flights and I'm a champ at running my mouth. It's an interesting combination when you add in sleep deprivation.)

I do not have socially acceptable obsessions apparently. At least according to my coworkers, but hey, I HAVE FUN.

I met amazing people and got to hang out with friends and got to have super detailed discussions about that silly little show I love. I also got to flail over Patrick Troughton and PEOPLE ACTUALLY KNEW WHO I WAS TALKING ABOUT.

That's... major and resulted in the flappy hands of fangirl flail. (Troughton ALWAYS deserves fangirl flailing). Then again, it doesn't matter the Doctor, if I'm flailing over him the people I'm around usually don't know who I'm talking about. I'm used to this so Gally was... BRILLIANT.

Now that I have a bit of time on my layover and am not experiencing CRUSHING EXHAUSTION. I can finally sit back and stop neglecting my LJ and fill it full of Doctor Who/Gally squee. (aka, picture post soon)

This will not stop me blathering on to my coworkers though. I have a reputation to maintain.
Dec 1929 - Feb 2011

I'll miss him. He was such a joy to watch in Doctor Who and especially easy on the eyes in the 60's and 70's. I know I'm posting a photo of Nicholas Courtney from his first appearance on the show, in the Daleks' Master Plan, rather than the role he's most well known for on Doctor Who, but I like the fact that he took a part on a small little sci-fi show and it ended up being a big part of his life for the next 40 years.


Feb. 12th, 2011 07:22 pm

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I'm just trying out this whole posting to LJ directly from Flickr thing. Who knows if I'll stick with it though.

For anyone that's vaguely interested, I've started a new tumblr simply for photo and travel purposes. Having a tumblr squeeing over fandom while simultaneously trying to be serious about photography... yeah, not the best move.

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Beach House

I held these photos back from my picspam yesterday, mainly because I think that particular picspam would have become just a tad too long. A few months ago I added Ghost Town to the list of abandoned places I've broken into. It's a town in Connecticut that was abandoned in the mid-90's when the bridge connecting the peninsula to the mainland burnt. The only way to get to the town is a narrow strip of land barely big enough for a road. The houses are set to be razed as the peninsula is being turned into some sort of bird sanctuary. Thankfully we managed to see the place before it all disappears. We only managed to cover a fraction of it. There's so much there but as most people discover soon after picking up a camera - you're limited by the available light and when the sun started going down it was time to leave.

Pleasure Beach Photos )
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For the longest time I've had a huge backlog of unedited photos just sitting on my computer. I finally, after many years, finished editing and uploading them. I consider this something of a miracle. They span from 2007 - 2010 with the majority from this last year. I got kinda... lazy in my editing towards the end of the year.

It's strange not having photos to edit. There are times I stare blankly at my computer at a loss for what to do now that I don't have the photos living there.

Massive Picspam below the cut covering a variety of places. )
My company decided Lufthansa wasn't good enough for them anymore (meaning they found a cheaper option) and now it seems that Air France is our preferred airline of choice for flying to Germany. I was nervous about this decision when I heard about it just because I know of Air France's reputation and the fact that it would take us through Paris and they aren't exactly known at that airport for being on the ball.

So of course, knowing all this, my bag went missing. It's in Paris, I'm in Leipzig. This presents a bit of a problem as it's not showing up until tomorrow and I have to work. It looks like we're going to have someone from the crew bringing the plane in leave one of their flight manuals on the plane for me to use and we'll return it after the trip when they take the plane back from us. This way I'm still making hours and the crew isn't short staffed. Of course, I will be doing this trip without my uniform. Instead I will be in the clothes I wore from JFK to Leipzig. My purser was nice enough to go to the mall with me so I could buy socks, underwear, pajamas and a shirt on the companies dime. Since all Air France did was shrug their shoulders and give me an amenity kit that contained a t-shirt and a toothbrush.

At least my bag should be here tomorrow. So I am celebrating with Aloe Vera yogurt.

In other news, I'm up to Daleks in Manhattan in my Doctor Who marathon. This means I had to watch the last two episodes of series 2. Two episodes I HAD NEVER SEEN.

My TV watching habits are strange in the extreme. It's almost like if I start liking a show TOO much I have to stop watching. Part of the case with Doctor Who is that I know RTD likes to rip out hearts and stomp on them so I just found it safer to never watch, or at least never watch the last few epiosdes. It puts me in the strange position of being someone who got into Doctor Who through New Who but has seen every episode of Classic Who but not all of the New Doctor Who. So I made a handy list of all the eps I've not yet seen.

Army of Ghosts

Last of the Time Lords
Time Crash
The Doctor's Daughter
The Unicorn and the Wasp
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
Turn Left
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
The Next Doctor
Planet of the Dead
The End of Time, Part 2

Stunning isn't it? ;)



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