Woe. I am still stuck in Africa.

I know, I have weird job woes. I was complaining to my mom months ago that I was going to Germany too much and I was tired of it and I wanted to go somewhere else and my mom was all like "boo hoo."

She's my mother, she should FEEL MY PAIN. God only knows, I do.

At least there's a market down the street from the hotel and I can leave the hotel grounds in Accra and not feel like everyone is looking at me and plotting something (Nigeria just gives me that feeling, even though I know some wonderful Nigerian people).

Our Africa runs end in May so I took the opportunity to buy some African masks and some bead jewelry. So all I have to say is UP YOURS Pier 1 imports and World Market, I own the real deal! MUAAHAHAHAHA

I may be going a little loopy. Africa will do that to you. Oh yeah, I also got MOBBED by kids on the way to the market. They all wanted me to take their picture and their reward was to look at their goofy faces in the LCD of my camera. I swear, the kids over here seem to be happier then the pampered little crotch fruit we try and pass off as children in the states (2 years of working in a Toy Store... I may be somewhat bitter)

Photos will be forthcoming... someday, when I actually am home to edit them.

Anyhow, I shall hopefully be leaving tonight and getting my ass to Texas.
Hello from Ghana.

Just checking in to say hi. This trip has been a lot more boring then I'd like it to be. Mostly because being a tourist is expensive and the stuff I REALLY want to do is out of my price range, so I've been stuck going to the market and having African men think that instead of being in the market for jewelry, I'm actually in the market for an African man. It sure does seem that they are all in the market for an American sugar-momma. Even when I tell them that I don't have money, they seem to think that I'm lying and I've got it laying around in heaps back in the states. *snort* like I'm really going to buy a guitar for a man I just met on the beach selling jewelry. Riiiiight. Although, walking along the beach without a buddy, I really was asking for harassment. Note to self: Never do that again.

I like being a woman, but there are times when I envy men and how easy they have it sometimes. Here, the men aren't harassed nearly as much as the woman. If a man were walking along the beach, he'd probably be left alone, but stick me in there and it's like flies on honey. Grrrrr. I really shouldn't be complaining about being in Africa. *g*

The next time I come, I'm definitely budgeting for the super-tourist trip. If they aren't going to send me to the African countries I really want to go to (specifically: Namibia. I really want to see the Namib Desert) then I'm going to have to make the most of where I am.
I'm back from Ghana! Just thought I'd post a few pics before I head out again (tomorrow it's off to Tel Aviv. And oddly enough everyone is freaking out about that except me. Oh well) Ghana was gorgeous. I was lucky enough to miss the heat wave and since it was the tail end of the rainy season the sky was overcast but it didn't rain too much. A good combo when all you want to do is get out of the NYC heat. Especially when you're main mode of transportation is the subway systems and those turn into the very bowels of hell in the summer.

Also, I'd like to remind people of the important of decimal points. Please pay attention to them. On the flight back to the states we were delayed a few hours because someone wasn't paying attention to their basic math and instead of putting 2.4 tons of fuel on the plane, they put 24 tons of fuel on the plane. Needless to say the pilots weren't pleased. They spent 2 hours debating what they should do (since they could take off, but they couldn't land with that much weight) me on the other hand, I kicked back with the Boeing theater and finally saw 8 Below with sound. We finally solved the fuel problem by taking a leisurely 5 hour flight to Banjul, Gambia instead of doing it in the normal 3 hours. And to think with the cost of jet fuel prices the way they are right now... all the money that got wasted because of that one decimal point just makes me cringe.

Accra Ghana Pics )
There will come a day when I'll actually be home on Friday and will be able to see SGA and SG1 when they air instead of 4 days after. Woe. Two more days and I'll be able to watch. Until then I am cut off from the pretty that is Ronon. *sniff*

I'm just glad the show is getting back to something serious after 'Irresistable' Ugh. SGA shouldn't try to do cute and funny. It's not a good look for them.

Until such time, I'm going to be stuck reminding myself that it's NEVER a good idea to tell pilots you don't drink because they will make it a mission to see that you do. I've had more alcohol in the past 2 days then I've had in the past 6 months, athough [livejournal.com profile] raelala can probably say that that's not all that much. Oh yeah, Rae, they made me do tequila shots. Aren't you proud? And that alcohol I promised to get you is called Amarula. I still don't know how it tastes though, but we shall see.

I shall post some pretty pics when I get back, but this internet connection is slow as mud.



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