I'm skipping the Baltimore/Accra/Colorado post in favor of Lagos. Amazingly enough, I actually had a really good time on the three day layover there.

Lagos, Nigeria and how my views of this city went through a bit of a change )
It seems to be a continuing theme that whenever I'm in Lagos I'm bored out of my mind.

This time at least I should have some pictures to share with everybody when I get back. Mainly of the crazy traffic that this city seems to be create. The first few times I was here I didn't see a single traffic incident, which was amazing, astounding and incredible. This time there was screaming, there was yelling, nasty gestures, people beating on each others cars with baseball bats. None of this happened to us, although our driver is quite a pro at screaming at other drivers. He's also a pro at making sure that most of my pictures came out blurry and messed up. That man had a sixth sense for whenever I was lining up a shot. Seriously. At least I didn't get car sick this time. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the trip to the airport doesn't result in me being green and queasy.

I'm thinking about posting book reviews here. I've read 7 books in the past 2 weeks and since I read so much I might as well do something about it.

Bored Bored Bored Bored.

I'm thinking about going to flight school. I must consult the cos', who has been to flight school. I need a hobby. Still bored. I should go read the other 2 books I brought with me so I can be even more bored tomorrow.
Skiffy strikes again!

I'm really not too surprised they cancelled SG1. Skiffy doesn't exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to shows. Kinda ironic though, Farscape got cancelled a year after Skiffy acquired SG1. They managed to weasel their way out of making season 5 due to some loophole in the contract. I think they said they cancelled it because of production costs and low ratings. And now that SG1 isn't bringing in the ratings it once did, it's buh-bye SG1. I'm sure there are reasons I'm not aware about for the cancellation, but I'm kinda miffed that they're ruining my Sci-fi fridays. They'd better have something DAMN good to replace it with, because if I'm not going to have a life I want my scifi. *pouts*

They really are taking lessons from Fox, that MUST be it. And clearly I am still bitter over the whole Farscape thing. That's kinda... sad. Although I know [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra remains more bitter then I.

Also, thank god I leave Nigeria tomorrow. My body is all screwed up because of the time zone change (and the fact that I took a long nap yesterday, which I shouldn't have done) and I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Also, I'm not wandering around this hotel again without someone with me to bail me out when some random guy comes up wanting to know my nationality, my name and if I'll be his 'special' friend. *snort*

Strength in numbers next time.

And to top it all off I have a reserve line next month so I haven't a clue where I'll be going or even when I'll be going and for how long. *joy*

I need sleep.

Update: I just realized I'm going to miss Eureka tonight *groan*

I never ever EVER get motion sick or car sick. I'm usually the person enjoying the higher, faster, harder aspects of the ride. (Yay roller coasters and airplane turbulence!)

So today was a first when the ride from the airport to the hotel in Nigeria made me car sick - or close to it. I got off the plane with an appetite, I got to the hotel ready to throw up. It was all the damn starting and stopping. Ugh.

I get the distinct impression that road rules and regulations mean squat here...

I think I've been up for over 24 hours by this point but I'm really not sure. The time difference is throwing me off. It's almost 7 in New York and yet it's 12 here. So yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't slept in the last 24 hours (hence my rambly-ness and probably incoherence)

But hey, at least I made it here. Here being Africa.

Also, I'm really not sure what the hell this show is that's on the TV right now- it's got Katie Holmes pre-Tom Cruise as a goth-type girl trying to cook a turkey and the guy who plays Jack from Will and Grace as her neighbor in her apartment building who has the amazing stove. It's also not well made and I'm quite baffled by it. This may be a result of me not being able to process much due to extreme jet lag.

And I get to wake up in the morning, drag myself back onto a plane and go back to the states.

Also, random observation. They tell you the Sahara is big, but I never realized just how big until we were flying over it.



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