I've been MIA for awhile... mostly due to sheer exhaustion and too much work.

I recognize that today is the Inauguration, everyone is excited etc etc.

I don't care. I just honestly don't.

My dog had to be put down today. That trumps just about anything else.

She got sick on Saturday. They found a mass on her intestine, there's really nothing they can do. So my dad took her to the vet an hour or so ago.

She was 9 and a half years old and I didn't get to say goodbye. It was just so sudden. She was fine at Christmas! I know labs don't live long but I honestly thought she'd have longer. That her passing away wouldn't be this sudden thing.

What's worse is that my brother didn't get to say goodbye either, what with him being in Iraq. He gets to find out about her via e-mail. My mom at least got to tell me over the phone. A conversation that mostly consisted of us crying and not being able to say much. Even my dad has been crying (which is a huge thing as he never cries)

I can't really look at pictures of Abby right now without turning into a sobbing mess (aqain), but if anyone's curious about my pretty girl, I have an entire gallery of photos Here
This is one of the best things about being home:


My puppy dog: Abby
Little known fact: Abby is the name of my parents 7 year old chocolate Labrador.

Yes, fascinating, I know. But I do have a point.

My mother called me up today to frantically tell me that Abby was in labor. This is the part where my brain asploded because Abby is spayed. Oh, and the last time I saw her, which was last week, she was in no way shape or form pregnant.

Turns out that the Abby who is in labor is a childhood friend I haven't seen since I was 12. My mother and her mother are still good friends except I'm not quite sure why my mom thought that when she said "Abby" she assumed that my mind would immediately leap to my old childhood friend.

As it is my mom BROKE MY BRAIN TODAY. Thanks a lot mom!

I was also kinda distracted at the time by trying to teach myself Adobe Lightroom. My photo taking has come to such a point that Photoshop just wasn't cutting it and I needed something a bit more specific.

Back to the Lightroom grind, these Ireland photos will not edit themselves...



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