New York is a bizarre place. I was purchasing dinner tonight and a little old lady spent the entire time I was in the shop standing outside staring at my through the window. It turns out she stood out there, in the cold just so she could ask me if my hat was from Greece.

It was somewhat bizarre

Also, the hat I was wearing... not from Greece. It was from Kyrgyzstan actually.

For some oddball reason my computer keeps making cat and horse noises. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I'm scanning my comp for anything that could have snuck on it to cause these noises. But really, I'm clueless. My computer should not be randomly purring at me.
This has been the Monday from hell.

My computer decided to die on me. To the point where it wouldn't even start. It's okay now, in that I had to reset it to factory settings.

When it first started with the problems I packed it up and trucked out to Manhattan to the Best Buy there to get it looked at and hopefully get my pictures backed up. I was told it would be no problem. I could leave it there overnight and pick it up the next day all wiped and my pictures all backed up. Problem was I had left my power cord back in Queens. So before anything could happen I had to get on the train head back to Queens, get my power cord and go back to Manhattan. It was a different story when I returned. Apparently I had been told wrong and instead of the one day turn around it would be 8-10 days before they'd even be able to start backing up my pictures.

The problem is this is my work computer. I use it access my work schedule, contact work and keep in touch with family when I'm overseas. Not having a computer really isn't an option and I'm leaving for Dallas and then Germany on Thursday morning. There was just no way. Something had to give and sadly that something was quite a few of my photos. I can replace the New York photos easily enough. I'm going to swing by Roosevelt Island Wednesday and reshoot the Smallpox Hospital there and I'm sure I'll be able to get to D.U.M.B.O sometime next month.

The ones I'm most torn up about are my photos from Taormina, Sicily. It was only a few days ago that I was there and as of yesterday I had the pictures on my camera but I deleted them in order to make way for more photos from a photoshoot I went on yesterday.

Taormina was a beautiful city tucked into the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. I had some fantastic shots and it kills me that they no longer exist. On the up side, Sicily is a trip we do on a regular basis so I can probably reshoot it at some point this summer. It's just... URGH. This monday has SUCKED

Oh yeah... I kinda went through my phone list and called people out of sheer boredom whilst standing in line. Some of you probably have messages left on your phone
Quick and dirty post as I've been troubleshooting Spyware problems this entire evening.

I watched Fred Claus on the way to Germany as I was bored bored bored. It was... quite bad but the part that made me giggle:

Surprise JDM!

That man sure does get around...



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