I wandered into the living room a little while ago and found one of the pilots camped out on the couch scrolling through the tv channels desperately looking for HBO. Once he found it, little blue screen displaying "Generation Kill" for all to see, we found that the crash pad does not have HBO as part of its plan so no Generation Kill for those of us here. Which sucks because that show rocks my socks.

He was all sad and forlorn and mentioned hearing something about another HBO show that sounded good... True...

"Blood!" I finished before he could and next thing he knew I had dug out my laptop claimed half the couch as my own and was introducing him to the wonderful work of Sookie Stackhouse and friends.

Two episodes later we had to call it a night and I left him bemoaning the fact that he didn't know when he'd be able to see more episodes.

Mission accomplished. :)

I particularly like the conversation that went something like...

Him: So have you heard about this Twilight movie?
Me: OMG yes SO BAD. I saw it and I will never get those two hours of my life back. The Vampires SPARKLED in the sunlight!!!!!
Him: O_o


I am thisclose to being done with a set of photos. I've been editing, tagging and organizing them for 4 days now. They may have driven me a bit batty. That particular set can be found here and would you believe only half the photos are the ones I've been editing? The others were from a different visit.

Yeesh, I'm not even sure if I'm coherent anymore thanks to these damn photos...
Little known fact: Abby is the name of my parents 7 year old chocolate Labrador.

Yes, fascinating, I know. But I do have a point.

My mother called me up today to frantically tell me that Abby was in labor. This is the part where my brain asploded because Abby is spayed. Oh, and the last time I saw her, which was last week, she was in no way shape or form pregnant.

Turns out that the Abby who is in labor is a childhood friend I haven't seen since I was 12. My mother and her mother are still good friends except I'm not quite sure why my mom thought that when she said "Abby" she assumed that my mind would immediately leap to my old childhood friend.

As it is my mom BROKE MY BRAIN TODAY. Thanks a lot mom!

I was also kinda distracted at the time by trying to teach myself Adobe Lightroom. My photo taking has come to such a point that Photoshop just wasn't cutting it and I needed something a bit more specific.

Back to the Lightroom grind, these Ireland photos will not edit themselves...
I finally bit the bullet and started weeding through all my Museum photos (Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits and the American Museum of Natural History). Being the anal retentive person who can't load a photo without obsessively tagging it and providing whatever info I can find on it, it's involved quite a bit of research.

ANYHOW. I was going through one of my books on Dinosaurs (one of them... my god I am a dork) and found a passage that made me laugh:

"Paleontologist James Farlow made an inspired calculation of Tyrannosaurus' needs based on a scene from the film Jurassic Park, in which the predator ate a lawyer. Assuming a Tyrannosaurus weighs 4.5 tons and a lawyer weighs 150 pounds, he estimated it would take 292 legal advisers a year to keep the predator fed."

Hee! All meat consumption estimates should be put in terms of how many lawyers it takes to keep an animal fed.



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