Guess what I did today?

I moved!

I decided yesterday that it was time to find a new place to stay. I found and moved into the new place today.

I hadn't been planning on it but spent most of yesterday furious at my Landlord and decided it just wasn't worth being that angry all the time. Granted, my roommates were wearing on me as well - they were around too much and spending way too much time getting drunk. One of the pilots, reeking of alcohol, tried to climb on my bed last night. With me in it.

And my Landlord wonders why I'm so upset over his decision to put men in my room. Granted, said Drunk Pilot wasn't staying in my room. He just thought it would be a good idea to harass me. Yay me.

It's not that I don't like the guys, it's just that my general policy is that I don't want to sleep in the same room with you unless I'm dating you, married to you or related to you.

And pilots are a special brand of skeevy.

As is my Landlord. Or should I say ex-Landlord? He once came into my room to talk to me while I was the only one in the room: shutting the door behind him, not turning on the lights and sitting down on the bed across from me in order to chit chat. I'm not the only woman he's done that too, or so sayeth the female roommates.

In fact, the new landlord knows my old landlord. I wasn't due to move into the new place until the beginning of April but since I was "in such an awful situation" I could move in now if I wanted since he wouldn't be able to sell the bed for the rest of the month anyways.


Free from the Skeevy Landlord, Free from the drunken roommates and free from the cheating pilot (who tried to lecture everyone on their bad behavior today even though he's instigated most of it)

The new place is amazing. It's an actual house: full living room, dining room, kitchen, washer, dryer and I'm in a room that is all girls and will stay all girls. I may be on the top bunk for a bit but I've been assured a bottom bunk will be opening up at some point in the near future. (Sometimes I feel like I'm in summer camp)
I was hoping to post about Russell Tovey but have ended up with a cold and was only capable of dragging myself off to bed and crashing hard. Even whilst one of my roommates got ready to go to Lagos and freaked out over catching Malaria (I think she has a cold. She thinks she has malaria. I'm hoping she's just being paranoid and that I'm right).


Anything this man creates just makes me ridiculously happy. Worth getting out of bed for.
I'm playing around with Illustrator for the first time in YEARS. I'm so glad this whole block on designing is starting to disappear. Which means I will hopefully have an LJ layout that proves I once went to art school. Instead of the generic whateverthisis that I've had forever.

One of my roommates is supposed to be moving out. I am very excited about this as her ring tone is Hoe Down music. I mean really, HOE DOWN MUSIC. It's even got farm animal noises. It goes off at the worst times (usually late at night) and she sleeps right through it! If she stays another month I may have to off her. I know there are lawyers on my flist. I might need legal representation but I believe that freaking hoe down music is grounds for justifiable homicide.

To make things worse she wore a very short skirt today and was bending down rifling through her drawers just as I looked up. DO. NOT. WANT.



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