Meh. I keep seeing Wincon reports popping up and I don't want it to be over!

I will not be writing up a report, I did my reporting purely in pictures. Pictures I am not able to load as I am at the Holiday Inn in Bangor Maine (a city I willfully mispronounce as its more fun to say Bangher. Yes, I am easily amused)and the internet connection sucks. My pictures are so fun and pretty too. I'm heading to the Holiday Inn in Wisconsin tomorrow so I'll retry there and if that doesn't work I'll retry again in Germany. AND if that doesn't work I will most definitely have them up when I get back to New York on the 27th.

For all the German-lovers on my flist: Lederhosen. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT!?

Oh yes, all systems are go for the Halloween Photo Project. The days off have been acquired, I even purchased a book on the particular subject we'll be visiting and I'm all set for some fantastic pictures! I can't wait!

Oy Vey

Oct. 16th, 2007 11:14 pm
Mac OSX 10.4 is being released. This is VERY good as I can finally upgrade my computer and my brand new ipod can quit lingering in it's box and come out and be awesome and twinkly and make me happy.

Oh yes, OSX 10.4 is called Leopard and Wincon broke my brain with bad fic so now I can't look at comics like the one below without flashing back to THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE MENTIONED EVER AGAIN.

Ugh... Need good fic now... Dean het? anyone? anyone?
I am home!!

Winchestercon was all kinds of amazing and I am all full of woe that it is over. So many great times and great people and great photos (I'm looking at you and your wincest chest [ profile] stephanometra!). There will be a con report once I'm past the whole con pretty! people fun! stage of exhaustion.

Sadly, I only have 4 more hours before I have to leave the comfort of my apartment so I can go back to the airport I just came from so I can fly to North Carolina and fall into an exhausted heap in my hotel room. I think I need a few moments to go stare longingly at my own bed...

But on the upside of things there will be pretty boys in uniform. So you know... silver linings.



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